Dog The Bounty Hunter Reveals Why He Thinks Brian Laundrie Is Still Alive

Dog The Bounty Hunter revealed why he thinks that Brian Laundrie is still alive as he continues to try and find him.

Last week, we reported that Duane Chapman aka “Dog The Bounty Hunter” had joined the search for Brian Laundrie, who is suspected of killing his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Now, Dog is speaking out to let his fans know why he is convinced Laundrie is still alive.

Dog continued his search for Laundrie over the weekend, take a look:

‘I Would Assume He Is Alive’

“I would assume he is alive. Not alive and doing well, but he’s alive,” Dog told TMZ. “There’s no evidence of him being suicidal like that anywhere, and he didn’t say that to anyone. And if you go to his Instagram pages and look at what kind of person he really is – and the books that he reads, and especially his very favorite books – that’s not books for suicidal people.”

As for why he thinks Laundrie has been hiding in the Florida Everglades, Dog said, “He’s a survivalist, he’s been on the Appalachian mountains for two months at a time by himself. Is he here right now? I’m not sure. Was he here a few days ago? Absolutely.”

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“But he could have got out during the night, and he would have to have help, I guess it might be from close to a family member and, you know, he’s taken off somewhere else,” Dog continued. “I do not believe that he’s in Mexico or Brazil. I’ve been to Mexico and if they know you’re wanted and you’re a Caucasian American, they’re gonna turn you in for the reward.”

Dog Turns Over Evidence To FBI

Dog then said that he’s turned over evidence to the FBI in the hopes that possible DNA can be found that would prove that Laundrie had been hiding in Fort De Soto Park in Florida.

Laundrie and Petito set out on a cross-country journey in a van back in June, according to Fox News, and the suspect returned without his girlfriend on September 1.

The 22-year-old woman’s parents reported her missing on September 11, and her remains were found in Wyoming days later.

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Dog Reveals When He Thinks Laundrie Went On The Run

Laundrie has now been on the run for nearly a month, and Dog believes he was with his parents when he first decided to flee.

“He goes fishing or camping … with his parents, while he’s down here in that camp area, the bomb drops,” Dog said, referring to when news broke that Petito had disappeared. “Brian Laundrie hits national news. They are watching that on television and they’re going, ‘Oh no.’”

Here’s the full interview from TMZ:

If anyone can find Laundrie, it’s Dog The Bounty Hunter. We certainly would not want to be Laundrie right now, because it cannot feel good to know that Dog is hot on your trail!

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