Dog The Bounty Hunter Finds Possible Evidence Of Brian Laundrie

Duane "Dog The Bounty Hunter" Chapman has given an update on Brian Laundrie, saying that "the search is really on."

Earlier this week, we reported that Duane Chapman aka “Dog The Bounty Hunter” had joined the search for Brian Laundrie, who is suspected of killing his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Now, Dog has given fans an update on how the search is going.

Dog Gives Update 

The New York Post reported that Dog claimed that he and his team have found a Florida campsite that they believe Laundrie recently stayed at. Dog found a can of Monster Energy Ultra Gold there that had no rust or discoloration, indicating that someone was using the campsite quite recently. Dog believes that person may be Laundrie. 

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Dog Is On The Case

The campground in question is located on Egmont Key in the woods of Shell Island near Fort De Soto Park. 

“We’re here at the island. This would be and could be the perfect spot for him to hide. Not too many people out here but there’s a lot of environmental things that we’re going to fight,” said Dog, 68. “So here we go. The search now is really on. The search has just begun.”

A source close to Dog said that the legendary bounty hunter is on Marco Island and setting up a home base in Florida that will focus on tracking down Laundrie. 

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Laundrie And Petito’s Story

Laundrie and Petito set out on a cross-country journey in a van back in June, according to Fox News. He returned without her on September 1.

Her parents reported their 22-year-old daughter missing 10 days later. Sadly, Petito’s remains have since been found in Wyoming, and Laundrie has gone on the run. 

During Petito’s memorial service, her father described her as “the most amazing person I’ve ever met.”

“I want you to take a look at these pictures, and I want you to be inspired by Gabby,” he said during the service. “If there’s a trip you guys want to take, take it now. Do it now while you have the time. If there is a relationship you’re in that might not be the best thing for you, leave it now.”

Dog has expressed his confidence that he’ll be able to track Laundrie down. 

“I will find him,” Dog bluntly told Daily Mail earlier this week. 

“I’m chasing several leads,” Dog added. “We’ve got a lot of leads. I can’t tell you more but we are getting leads every 10 minutes.”

Donald Trump Jr. Gets Involved 

Donald Trump Jr. addressed what Dog is doing on Twitter, writing, “I have much more faith in Dog The Bounty Hunter finding this scumbag than the FBI.”

With Dog on the case, Laundrie’s days of freedom are likely numbered. 

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