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Last week, we reported that Duane Chapman aka “Dog The Bounty Hunter” had joined the search for Brian Laundrie, who is suspected of killing his girlfriend Gabby Petito. Now, Dog has revealed that he has turned over evidence in the case to authorities while also explaining how his pursuit of Laundrie is getting “dangerous.”

Backstory: Dog The Bounty Hunter Joins In Search For Brian Laundrie In Gabby Petito Case

Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Ongoing Search For Brian Laundrie 

Check out Dog in action as he searches for Brian Laundrie below. It’s immediately clear the bounty hunter will go to any length to find the suspected girlfriend-killer.

“Tracking a fugitive is a marathon, not a sprint,” Dog said, according to The New York Post. “We are continuing to search for Brian Laundrie. The longer he is on the run, the more dangerous this becomes.”

Dog’s publicist told reporters that the bounty hunter handed over some items found on one of the islands near Fort De Soto Park to the authority.

The rep went on to add that Dog has had an off-duty police officer on his team who is also trying to track down Laundrie. 

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Dog The Bounty Hunter’s Daughter Gives Update On Tip Hotline

Dog’s daughter Lyssa Chapman told The Post yesterday that she has been in contact with Dennis Davis, who has alleged that he talked to Laundrie on a deserted road near the border of Tennessee and North Carolina the previous morning. 

“I do believe Dennis. I am convinced he’s convinced,” she said. “We’re doing everything we can to verify Dennis’ tip but there isn’t much to go off other than the location. But we’re working that tip for sure.”

Lyssa said that over the past week, she’s been chasing down the nearly 3,000 tips that have poured into the 833-TELLDOG hotline.

Dog’s tip hotline for the search was set up by her father to get leads on Brian Laundrie’s whereabouts. 

Putting their money where their mouth is, the Chapman family recently added $10,000 to the reward for any information that leads to Laundrie’s capture.

Brian Laundrie And Gabby Petito’s Backstory

Laundrie and Petito set out on a cross-country journey in a van back in June, according to Fox News, and the suspect returned without his girlfriend in tow on September 1.

The 22 year-old woman’s parents reported her missing on September 11, and her remains were found in Wyoming days later.

Laundrie has now been on the run for nearly a month. 

“I don’t think [Laundrie] is in a high technological area because in this day and age we would have a lot more footage of him,” Lyssa said. “I do think wherever he is, he is stashed among a community of people who don’t read the news or could be traveling solo or with a group that’s helping him.”

If anyone can find this wanted fugitive, who is the main suspect in Gabby Petito’s death, it’s Dog.

Let’s hope those tips keep pouring in so that Dog The Bounty Hunter is able to apprehend Brian Laundrie quickly and provide the Petito family with some much-needed peace.

Her family deserves justice. 

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