WWE Split Street Profits
Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

With this year’s Draft a distant memory, fans await the aftermath of all the changes. Interestingly, a new report reveals that WWE originally wanted to split up the Street Profits. How would that have worked? More below.

WWE Wanted To Split Up Street Profits

What a few days it has been in the land of the WWE. With the Draft now over and done with, it’s time for fans to digest the twists and turns that took place between RAW and SmackDown talent.

PW Insider is reporting that WWE had original plans to split up the popular Street Profits tag team. They ended up moving to the Red brand, along with Bianca Belair.

WWE Split Another Tag Team, Not The Street Profits

In the end, T-Bar and Mace broke up. The report also notes that the first pick for RAW was supposed to be Bobby Lashley.

However, that clearly changed. It was an interesting two nights for both superstars, fans, and wrestling media.

How will the rosters settle, and what new programs will arise? It’s hard to say at this point.

The draft changes won’t be implemented until October 22nd. This is the day after the next WWE event, Crown Jewel, taking place in Saudi Arabia.

Speaking of the WWE Draft, the news doesn’t stop with the Street Profits. In fact, another report indicates that a character change might be in the works, thanks to an imbalance between faces and heels on the SmackDown roster.

Sasha Banks Post-Draft Plans

Sasha Banks landed on SmackDown after the dust settled with this year’s WWE Draft. But with everything that’s going on does this mean a shift in her character, too?

WWE Split Street Profits

Source: @SashaBanksWWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Wrestling Observer Radio’s Dave Meltzer took stock of the new RAW and SmackDown rosters, recently. As mentioned, the drafts don’t go into effect until after Crown Jewel.

After some analysis, Dave notes that there are currently not a lot of female faces on the Blue brand. Does that mean The Boss could turn babyface?

Some of the top superstars in the women’s division are Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Shayna Baszler. All three women make excellent heels.

However, The Boss is known to make a pretty amazing face. Baszler and Flair are solid character heels.

The Good Boss … For Now …

Meltzer also notes that by the way Shayna was booked, it appears she is not going to be a face. All considering, it feels as if The Boss may turn.

There’s also a chance that other SmackDown female talents rise to the card as a face. Could the WWE decide to push a new woman as a top face?

Natalya has always been a fan favorite. Plus, NXT call-up Aliyah could win over fans quickly.

Still, The Blueprint has always been popular with WWE audiences. Plus, Banks has consistently been a good seller of merchandise.

Could the WWE Universe be privy to another Flair/Banks rivalry? Their matches were stellar, back in the day.

Only time will tell. Until then, there’s a very good chance that fans see a face, Sasha Banks, for the time being.