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Legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood has defied the liberal world of Hollywood to throw his support behind conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, who is currently running to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in the California recall election. 

Actor Clint Eastwood Supports Larry Elder

While the 91-year-old actor is most famous for his roles in Dirty Harry, Unforgiven and countless award-winning films spanning eight decades, he is also one of the few noted conservatives in Hollywood.

Eastwood even spoke at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

Elder revealed the actor’s support on Twitter, writing, “Clint Eastwood just contacted me with a message of his support. A shout out to Mr. Eastwood. You made my day.”

It’s unclear at this time if Eastwood plans to formally endorse Elder.

On Tuesday night, Elder told Fox News that Newsom is “in serious trouble and he knows it.”

“I know that he’s (Newsom) worried about me,” he added, going on to say that “the polls are right in the margin of error. About half of them want him gone, and about half of them don’t.”

Newsom told The Sacramento Bee earlier in the week that it is “important to focus on Larry” Elder because he’s “even more extreme than [former President Donald] Trump in many respects.”

“You think Elder is going to increase childcare slots?” Newsom continued. “You think he’s gonna look out for the rights of women and girls when he says there’s no glass ceiling?”

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Some Celebrities Support Governor Newsom – Others Don’t

Eastwood is one of the few people in the entertainment industry to publicly take a stand against Newsom, who is widely beloved by the liberal world of Hollywood.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that stars like Steven Spielberg, J.J. Abrams, and Sia have all donated to Newsom as he fights this recall. Other major donors include the leftwing billionaire George Soros.

A few other celebrities, however, have joined Eastwood in publicly turning on Newsom. Late last year, former “Family Ties” star Justine Bateman was seen signing a petition to have the governor removed from office.

“OK, how do we get rid of this guy? Where do I sign?” she reportedly asked at a “Recall Gavin 2020” campaign trailer, according to Daily Mail.

“Thank you so much for being here,” she added to the volunteers. “Let’s do this!”

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Caitlyn Jenner Chimes In On Governor Newsom

Caitlyn Jenner, who is also running for governor against Newsom, trashed the Democrat earlier this year for his handling of the economy. 

“You have to look at what Gavin Newsom has done over the years,” she said during a Fox News appearance. “He’s destroyed the economy through regulations, through taxation.” 

Many feel that Governor Newsom has hopelessly failed the people of California.

Here’s hoping that this recall effort is successful, and that Larry Elder or someone like him is able to take charge of the state. 

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