Charlie Daniels

It’s been a year since the world lost country music legend Charlie Daniels at the age of 83. Now, David Corlew, his longtime best friend and manager of 47 years, is opening up about the “gigantic hole” that Charlie Daniels’ death left behind and how his friends and loved ones are keeping his legacy alive.

Honoring Charlies Daniels’ Legacy

Corlew told Fox News that he was 23 years old when he went to work for Daniels back in 1973. 

“I know that he was very proud of and very appreciative of the work that we were doing, so knowing that I’m kind of carrying the flame, so to speak for him,” Corlew explained. “Obviously, we can never replace Charlie but what we can do is continue to carry that spirit and the things that he wanted to accomplish.”

Find out more about Daniels’ life and legacy below.

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How Is Daniels’ Widow Holding Up?

When asked how Daniels’ widow Hazel is holding up after his death, Corlew replied by saying that she is “doing as well as to be expected.”

“I mean, they were married for 58 years. They never were apart,” Corlew continued. “After Charlie Jr. graduated high school, 35, 36 years ago, Charlie and Hazel were inseparable. They traveled together. She’s active on the board. We just did our tribute concert here in Nashville, and she came and sat on stage and watched all the performers.”

“Based on the fact that she just spent every living day for the last 58 years at his side, I think she’s doing OK. She’s doing the best she can,” he added. “I don’t think she’ll ever completely get over it, but who would? We all have those people in our lives that it’s unfathomable to even think about not having them as part of her life. So when you just basically unplug something like that and realize your best friend, your mentor, your partner, your brother [has died], it’s a pain that is not going to go away so easily.”

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New Charlie Daniels Music Coming Out

Corlew went on to say that he and Daniels’ team recently discovered never-before-heard music from the archives of the iconic country music star that they’ll continue to release.

“We have we found some music in the vaults that nobody’s ever heard, so we’re going to continue to release music, continue to keep his name very much alive,” Corlew said. “It’s really the tragedy of rock and roll. It’s a hard road to spend 150 to 200 nights a year away from home and away from your family.”

“So I think there’s a parallel with veterans and anyone that has to leave home to go complete their mission to serve – whether it be a job, the military,” he concluded. “And so you have to have a light heart. You have to have some kind of humor in your life in order to be able to go through that grind to get where you want to go.”

At the 2020 CMA music awards, several country stars, including Jason Aldean, Dirks Bently, and Ashley McBryde, paid tribute to Charlie Daniels. Aldean did Charlie proud with his rendition of “Devil Went Down To Georgia”. Take a look:

There really will never be another Charlie Daniels, but thankfully, he will always live on through his incredible music. 

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