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Later this month, Bray Wyatt is a free man, meaning he is likely close to signing with AEW or Impact Wrestling. Also, people want New Day back, but will they get their wish?

Bray Wyatt Update On AEW Or Impact

In about 20 months, WWE has released more people than ever before. This includes on-air character, wrestlers, office workers and the backstage crew. Basically, WWE is looking to save money as they lost a good amount due to COVID.

Some releases were expected and others had already asked to be let go. Then, there was those that stunned just about everyone.

With so many gone, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt still remains the most shocking. There are unconfirmed reports Wyatt and Vince McMahon did not agree on creative directions for the character. 

For now, whatever led to his release will be silent. Although, once longer associated with WWE, Wyatt might give us his side of their relationship. 

Currently, AEW and Impact Wrestling remain the frontrunners for where Wyatt lands next. There are other promotions like New Japan Pro Wrestling, NWA and MLA, but they seem like long shots.

Fightful Select noted how Wyatt is close to picking a company. As mentioned, AEW and Impact Wrestling are the likely choices.

And, do not forget, AEW does have a working relationship with Impact Wrestling and other promotions. Fans could see a mix of Wyatt working for several companies if his contact permits that.

The report continued how Impact Wrestling does not seem like the likely destination. Yet, Impact Wrestling will not backdown as they had a roster member reach out to try and recruit Wyatt.

Wyatt was release by WWE at the end of July, meaning his 90-day non-compete clause expires October 29. That is a Friday and close to Halloween. 

So, there is possibility Wyatt could debut on AEW Rampage right after the non-compete clause. The next few weeks will see Wyatt’s name appear in many headlines as we await word on his future.

New Day To Reunite Rumor

Bray Wyatt AEW Impact

Source: C Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

When Big E won the WWE Championship weeks ago, his friends and former stablemates were present to celebrate. Since then, the New Day has been wrestling as one.

Although, the Draft saw Big E go to RAW while Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were sent to SmackDown. Therefore, it squashed the possibility of a return.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer mentioned the decision and was dumbfounded. 

“I thought by moving Big E to RAW you’d keep the group together,” said Meltzer. “So, obviously by moving the group, it tells me that they really don’t want Big E with those other two guys with the idea that it will hold him back.” 

“And, I so completely disagree with that. I think he brings the other two guys up.”

Yes, New Day seems to work best when they are together. They move tons of merchandise and are fan favorites.

Even when Kingston got his WWE Championship run, the three stuck together. Of course, anything can happen in WWE and maybe they pull some funny business on RAW to keep the stable on the same brand.

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