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Vince McMahon Had Issues With Bray Wyatt, WWE “Open” To Selling

An interview with an ex-WWE employee sheds light on issues Vince McMahon had with Bray Wyatt. Plus, the company is "open" to selling.

The WWE Universe is still reeling from the release of Bray Wyatt. Some still can’t understand the reason behind the move. A recent interview from an ex-WWE producer adds some insight. Seems like Vince McMahon had issues with the superstar.

Vince McMahon Had Issues With Bray Wyatt

Every Monday Night RAW since his release, the live crowd in attendance have been chanting, “We Want Wyatt”. Bray had a tremendous connection with fans, and it’s still shocking to some that the company let him go.

Former WWE Producer, Freddie Prinze Jr. recently was on the Ringer Wrestling podcast. The ex-employee offered some perspective to Bray Wyatt’s release.

Sounds like Vince McMahon had issues with Wyatt. However, he wasn’t the only one, as Freddie says that Kevin Dunne did, too.

Prinze states that he couldn’t say “everything” he knows. He adds that Bray’s an acquaintance and he still has friends in the WWE.

Freddies notes that if superstars are willing to work in a certain fashion, then even a “bad” match in the eyes of the “top two dudes” at WWE will be a “good match”. This is because as a wrestler, you are doing things “their way”.

More On Vince McMahon’s Issues With Bray Wyatt

Meanwhile, Freddie adds in the interview that a superstar who wants to step outside that lane and “widen” their river will see opposite results. Even if they have a great match, it’ll just be a “good” match.

He notes that the more a superstar like this “sticks” to their guns, the more “they” will, as well.

Bray’s final WWE match saw him lose to Randy Orton at WrestleMania 37. Who knew back then it would be his last bout in the company?

Wyatt’s a phenomenal talent, so, where will he end up next? Hard to say, but this isn’t the last wrestling fans have seen of Bray, that’s for sure!

With that said, Wyatt’s release might have been a good thing for the superstar. There’s continual buzz that WWE could decide to sell the company.

WWE “Open” To Selling

This past June, Nick Khan, WWE’s President, was given a position in the company that allows him more power. In fact, he’s a board member now, and since this, a lot of changes have been happening in the WWE.

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Many reports are pointing to Khan as “leading” the charge for talent releases (and more releases). Add in that NBC (Peacock) has purchased WWE Network’s content, many have raised an eyebrow around the idea of selling.

Khan was on Recode Media recently and was clear on something. That is, WWE is “open” to talking with companies that are interested in purchasing them.

With that said, the WWE is not “looking” for buyers. However, they are happy to discuss options.

As Nick notes, “we’ll listen” if somebody calls with interest. They have business plans currently that are different from what the WWE has traditionally done.

What About VKM Stepping Down?

Khan also talks about Vince McMahon during the podcast. He states he VKM has no intentions of stepping down as the Chairman of the company, in the near future.

Many never thought they’d never see the day that the WWE would “think” about selling. Seems like the company is open to the idea, more and more.

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