The Miz Lands Big Gig, Chris Benoit’s Son Joins Promotion

the miz lands big gig
source: custom, wrestling edge twitter screenshot

Vince McMahon loves getting Superstars mainstream exposure, and with that in mind, it appears that The Miz lands a big gig. Plus, Chris Benoit’s son joins an indy promotion.

The Miz Lands Big Gig

They recently split, and we may have to wait for the rivalry to hit the ring. The Miz lands a big gig, and it’s outside of WWE.

Officially, the announcement won’t come until Wednesday…but all signs are pointing to The Miz being just the latest WWE Superstar to join Dancing With The Stars.

PWInsider reported that Miz would be joining this season’s cast.

the miz lands big gig

source: custom, wrestling edge twitter screenshot

If the report is true-and we’ve got no reason to doubt it-Miz would join names like Chris Jericho and Stacy Kiebler as WWE talents to try things on the dance floor.

The timing is a bit bad, but it’s a good problem to have.

Relative to that timing, The Miz and John Morrison did just break up. The former partners were supposed to clash last week on RAW.

For reasons that were not known, The Miz did not appear. Instead, Morrison challenged Omos…and we wait for the former mates to tangle.

With the report that Miz will be on the dance floor beginning in late September…we will probably have to wait a bit.

The report expects that Miz missed last week due to pre-show prep. While it is “only a dancing show”, the reality competition is known for intense prep.

The Miz will have his work cut out for him if he has intentions of claiming the season’s Mirror Ball Trophy.

Chris Benoit’s Son Joins Promotion

For now, he’s an unknown…but Chris Benoit’s son joins an indy promotion.

Specifically, David Benoit joined Real Canadian Wrestling recently. The report comes via Ringside News.

The move, honestly, is not a major shock.

chris benoit's son joins promotion

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As David Benoit grew up and got closer to that age where he could possibly follow in his late father’s wrestling footsteps…you could see it coming.

On one hand…no one would blame the kid if he just stayed far away from professional wrestling.

Even if he loved it (which he surely seems to), it is a sport where his last name is a bit toxic.

His father Chris Benoit was one of the toughest and best wrestlers, pound for pound, of his generation. Perhaps ever.

However, his father had demons that drove him to murder his wife (valet Nancy Sullivan) and their young son, before killing himself.

With that, WWE has purged basically any mention or reference to Chris Benoit from it’s memory banks.

So it wouldn’t be hard to see David Benoit wanting nothing to do with wrestling. Or, if he had to scratch the itch…maybe ditch the name.

He didn’t avoid it, and he’s not shying away from his name and legacy.

Now, we will soon find out if he can be as good as his father in the ring.

It’s very premature…but here’s a question to ponder.

If David Benoit excels and shows great promise…does WWE ignore the troubled history and give Benoit a chance?

Or…if WWE is interested…would Benoit want to go there?

We may never know, but we wish David Benoit the best as he chases those dreams.