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Brock Lesnar WWE Contract Update, Molly Holly Praised

We have more information on Brock Lesnar and his new WWE contract. Plus, Hall of Famer, Molly Holly is praised for her work.

The WWE Universe is still buzzing from Brock Lesnar and his SummerSlam return. However, he wasn’t at last week’s SmackDown in North Little Rock, as expected. A new report offers an update on his WWE contract.

Brock Lesnar WWE Contract Update

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio states during a recent edition that Brock Lesnar has 8-12 dates on the rest of his WWE contract. This is only matches, not television appearances.

Interestingly enough, Lesnar is not Roman Reigns’ next challenger for the title. As per the report, that is Finn Balor.

The match against Balor takes place on the next SmackDown. Something could happen between these two, to extend their program for a rematch at Extreme Rules.

If this happens, Lesnar versus Reigns could be pushed back for Crown Jewel. Possibly even Survivor Series.

Then there’s the idea that the Roman Reigns versus Brock Lesnar storyline build slows down. This could allow for a possible WrestleMania match.

Brock Lesnar WWE Contract Update & WrestleMania

Other reports state the WWE has plans for two different WM matches. One involves Reigns versus Lesnar, the other involves Reigns versus The Rock.

Should WWE wait until WM? It all depends on how this program takes shape, and whether Dwayne Johnson can be booked for next year’s ‘Mania.

After all, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns have already headlined two in the past. Will fans be interested in a third?

Time will tell. The key difference this time around is that Lesnar is face and Reigns is a heel.

It’s also important to note that Brock’s comeback was a last-minute thing. This was in response to CM Punk’s recent return during AEW’s Rampage.

Lastly, Lesnar’s contract extends to 2023. It’ll be interesting how Brock will do in the role of a babyface, moving forward.

From inside the ring, to some backstage news. Specifically, about a new WWE producer that is getting some major props.

Molly Holly Praised

Molly Holly accomplished a lot while competing in the WWE. She is a 2-time Women’s Champion and held the Hardcore title at one point.

Brock Lesnar WWE Contract
Source: Trish Stratus, Twitter, Screenshot

Now Holly is lending her in-ring expertise as a WWE backstage producer. She was originally hired during a tryout.

Her role grew to a producer at both RAW and SmackDown. She seems to be excelling in this new role.

Doudrop Sings Molly Holly’s Praises

Doudrop recently talked to Wrestling Inc.’s Brian Wohl. She praised Molly Holly for her leadership skills as a producer, backstage.

As Doudrop puts it, she was a huge fan of Holly’s growing up. Therefore, working with her was like a “dream come true”.

Droupdrops adds in the interview that gaining Holly’s perspective, getting to talk to her, plus insight on her experience, has been quite beneficial. Gaining that “women’s perspective” has been great for her.

Much like in the ring, Molly Holly shines in her WWE backstage role. She’s got the experience to help mold the next generation of WWE female talent.

Wishing Holly continued success in the WWE. Clearly, she is well-appreciated by the female superstars and the current women’s division.

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