Sami Zayn WWE Contract
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Sami Zayn only has a few months left on his WWE contract, which has some wondering if he will re-sign. Also, Ivelisse on what led to her AEW match with Thunder Rosa becoming a shoot.

Sami Zayn WWE Contract Ending Soon

WWE has been losing wrestlers to AEW left and right. Either the wrestlers opted not to re-sign with WWE or were released.

The next big test will be Kevin Owens, as his contract is up at the end of January. And, he is not alone as his best friend Sami Zayn is in a similar fashion.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Sami Zayn’s WWE contract is up “later this year.” So, WWE needs to start negotiating before they have a repeat of Bryan Danielson or FTR.

A concern might be how drastic the AEW roster has changed in just a few months. They brought some big names that were misused in WWE.

And, they also signed major stars like Danielson and CM Punk. On paper, AEW might have the better roster.

As for Sami, he worked for years in NXT and the main roster with Owens. When they were not teaming or feuding, Sami seemed lost.

Plus, he has not been on TV too much; but did appear on Friday’s SmackDown. That could be a sign that maybe WWE is no longer the best fit.

AEW Match Turns Into Shoot

Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

Sometimes, pro wrestlers decide to not follow the script and instead shoot. It does not happen too frequently, but with the adrenaline kicking in, shoots occur. 

In AEW, a particular incident took place in the second half of 2020. It involved Thunder Rosa and Ivelisse. 

Before the bout even started, there was already bad blood according to Ivelisse. The two had some issues while working for Lucha Underground and that carried over to AEW.

Heading into the match, Ivelisse was already out of sorts because of a fire and frequently moving. Also, the fire destroyed her ring gear and she spent the last of her money to buy new attire.

Ivelisse claimed Rose forgot several spots and that is what finally led to the shoot. She went into further details on Insight with Chris Van Vliet.

“When the day came, she didn’t want to do anything,” said Ivelisse. “I’m like what? No this match will be awesome.” 

“But I’m also trying to knock it out of the park. Even at the start, with the slap, we went over that 1 million times, we knew.” 

“She forgets what comes after. I had no choice but to nudge her face. That’s when the shoot stuff happened.”

Ivelisse Feels She Was Made To Look Like The Bad Guy

“I’ve trained MMA, you can’t pull that on me. I just didn’t want to allow that negativity.” 

“I didn’t want to be pulled into that, she tried and tried though. Also, I was already signed, why would I do that?” 

“Somehow, I was made into the bad guy though. There is nothing that can be done about that, but the bigger issue is not understanding what kind of an asset I could be.”

Now, Ivelisse is longer part of AEW. Although, she hopes to get another chance with the company.

Tony Khan purchased Rosa’s NWA contract, so she is a full-time AEW member. She is rumored for an AEW Women’s Championship feud with Britt Baker early next year.