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Not the usual news, but Al Snow saves the life of a young child! Plus, Bryan Danielson’s AEW contract length discussed.

Al Snow Saves Life Of Young Child

He does not usually get news coverage, but when Al Snow saves the life of a young child? That is newsworthy, for sure.

Al Snow, the man who has wrestled all over the world, recently made perhaps the best move of his life.


source: custom, wrestle purists twitter screenshot

Snow was recently at a beach in Florida. While he was spending time enjoying his time at the beach, Al Snow observed a child being pulled under.

Snow’s amazing act of heroism was covered by TMZ.

There is not much else to really say about such a brave act, but it’s such a good story all the same.

Snow was always an interesting person while he was popular with ECW and WWE. Adding “saving a life” only makes him that much more popular.

Fans of the superstar took to Twitter to comment on the  news.

And, we can leave this one with this parting comment.:

Bryan Danielson AEW Contract Length

While that is a tough story to top, we can discuss Bryan Danielson’s AEW contract length.

Yes, Bryan Danielson is in AEW. The former Daniel Bryan debuted with AEW just about a week ago at All Out.

But, fans want to know…or at least, some fans want to know…what is Bryan Danielson’s AEW contract length?

bryan danielson aew contract length

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To  be completely on the up and up…we do not officially have that information.

On the other side of things, the Wrestling Observer staff is really good at getting a story like this taken care of.

Thus far, we do not know the Bryan Danielson AEW contract terms officiaily.

However, based on experience and prior contracts, the belief here  is that, for now, Daniel Bryan signed a three year deal with the company.

Without confirmation, it would seem we can expect “Daniel Bryan” to be away from WWE at least until the tail end of summer, 2024.

That’s worth mentioning, because it’s one thing Bryan, as well as Adam Cole, did. Specifically, AEW’s most recent two signings were overwhelmingly positive in discussing their now former employer.

Because they were both so positive about WWE, it gives me some indication that the Bryan Danielson AEW contract length  could pave the way for a return to WWE in a few years.