USA Network NXT Releases
Source: Fightful Wrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Thirteen NXT talents were let go this past Friday. There’s been a slew of WWE releases in general as of late. However, according to reports, the USA Network is rather upset about these recent ones.

USA Network Upset At NXT Releases

Many fans are disappointed about the recent 13 NXT superstars that were let go right before this past weekend hit. There’s a buzz that major changes are coming to the gold and black brand.

As upset as the WWE Universe is about these firings, a new report sheds light on how top USA Network officials are feeling. Sounds like they aren’t overly pleased, either.

As per Mat Men’s Andrew Zarian, USA Network big wigs are disappointed. The “perception” is that they are also not overly fond of the upcoming possible changes.

Zarian notes that “perception” is everything when working with partners who may not be fans of wrestling or have tons of knowledge about talent. Andrew questioned whether or not “changes” to NXT would be a bad thing or not.

USA Network, NXT Releases, & Upcoming Changes

When it comes to said “changes” to NXT, PW Insider chimed in on things. They reveal that a new look, lighting, and logo might be on the horizon for the brand.

The PW Insider also details a focus on younger talent. Wrestling Observer noted in a report that the recent NXT cuts were part of a larger philosophy for the brand.

It seems that Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Bruce Prichard were behind the 13 releases. It was also stated that HHH and Shawn Michaels were not.

That report also outlines the new goal for NXT. It’s to return to the older theme of WWE development. The direction is for younger and bigger talent to be focused on.

It states that NXT’s direction is, “no one starting in their 30s”. The WWE wants talent that might be “main characters” or “box office attractions” in the future.

It’s unclear when this “new direction” will take effect. Stay tuned, WNZ fans!

Speaking of “new direction” and releases, according to a report, Bray Wyatt was originally slated to debut a new character on RAW last night. Seems like things ended up changing rather drastically.

Original Bray Wyatt Return Plans

The WWE Universe is still reeling from the news about Bray Wyatt’s release. He was a huge fan favorite.

USA Network NXT Releases

Source: Wrestling World CC, Twitter, Screenshot

Plus, many feel that Wyatt was not used to his full potential. As such, there have been a ton of rumors swirling about him and why he was let go.

Fightful recently released a report that may shed some light. It sounds like Wyatt’s hiatus had nothing to do with mental health issues, as speculated on by some fans and media.

The report also notes that he was “100%” healthy” and able to wrestle. Apparently, Bray was adding creative elements to his WWE persona during his hiatus.

In fact, the original plan was for him to return and debut this “new” character on last night’s edition of RAW.

Windham Rotunda Had Family Engagements

The report also highlights that Bray, a.k.a. Windham Rotunda, had family engagements in May and June. He was recently cleared to return to the squared circle.

Rotunda posted a cryptic message on his social media as of late. The good news is that this probably isn’t the last fans will see Windham, not by a long shot.

Wrestling runs in his blood and genes. With an incredible talent like Rotunda, it’s clear that he’ll be back in the ring at some point soon.