Sean Hannity Compares Anthem-Protester Gwen Berry To Gold Medalist Tamyra Mensah-Stock

Sean Hannity knocked how Gwen Berry behaved toward the U.S. and relished how she "fell flat" at the Games while praising Tamyra Mensah-Stock's patriotism.

Fox News host Sean Hannity pointed out on his show that Olympic athlete Gwen Berry “clearly doesn’t seem to love the country she’s representing.” 

American hammer thrower Gwen Berry failed to win a medal at the Olympics weeks after she turned her back during the national anthem at the Olympic trials. 

Backstory: Anthem-Protestor Gwen Berry Fails In Humiliating Fashion At The Olympics

Hannity Trashes Berry

“Yet another Olympic athlete who clearly doesn’t seem to love the country she’s representing fell flat in the Olympics this week as track and field participant Gwen Berry failed to medal in the hammer throw,” Hannity said, according to Newsweek.

Hannity compares Berry’s behavior with that of Tamrya Mensah-Stock. 

“Now—following that flag stunt during the Olympics trials in June—now thankfully there are other inspirational American success stories to cover like wrestler Tamyra Mensah-Stock, [who] won gold in Tokyo,” he continued. 

“She delivered a message about the greatness of America and how much she loves living in this great country,” Hannity added. “Made me proud.”

Mensah-Stock, a wrestler, spoke out to praise America after she won a gold medal.

“I love representing the US, I freaking love living there,” Mensah-Stock said. I love it and I’m so happy I get to represent USA. Love it.”

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Berry’s Protest 

Berry made headlines in June when she turned her back during the national anthem at the Olympic trials and put a T-shirt over her face that read “Activist Athlete.”

“If you know your history, you know the full song of the national anthem,” Berry told the Black News Channel at the time. “The third paragraph speaks to slaves in America — our blood being slain … all over the floor.” 

Berry indicated that she had planned to stage another protest of some sort if she did medal in her sport. Thankfully, she never got the chance to do this because she placed eleventh out of twelve competitors in the finals.

“I’m feeling tired man, I’m kinda bumped. I feel like my body just didn’t work, and I was shutting down too much,” she said afterwards. “So then, when it came time to be clutch, I just didn’t trust myself enough to go. I’m not mad at myself. I conquered a lot of fears today.”

Enough Is Enough

Sean Hannity isn’t the only one who’s tired of seeing Gwen Berry and other athletes disrespect America. Millions of Americans are sick and tired of watching spoiled athletes like Berry disrespect our country. 

We’re glad that she did not have the opportunity to trash America on the international stage thanks to her own failures in her sport of choice. 

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