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“The View’s” Meghan McCain responded to the news that Kathy Griffin has lung cancer by remembering her past behavior.

The conservative co-host of the ABC talk show started out by saying, “I just want to say it’s terrible and very scary to be diagnosed with cancer. It’s very tragic to hear of her having an opioid addiction. Both things have hit my family very hard, and it’s just horrific to go through as someone who’s a bystander, let alone going through it yourself,” McCain began.

“My heart goes out to her in that way, and I hope for a very speedy recovery.”

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McCain Brings Up Infamous Photo

However, McCain went on to call out Griffin for once posing with the severed head of former President Donald Trump in 2017.

She pointed out that if a conservative posed with a liberal lawmakers head in that way, her leftwing cohosts would be “a lot less reticent to have forgiveness.”

“It’s so graphic that we can’t actually show it on the show,” McCain said. “I just wonder if this show would have the same reaction if a conservative host or conservative comedian had held up a head of Vice President Harris, President Obama, President Biden.”

Not stopping there, McCain proceeded to slam Griffin for jokes that she made over a decade ago about former “American Idol” finalist Clay Aiken’s sexuality.

Griffin reportedly nicknamed him “Gayken” at a time when he was still in the closet.

“She made very, very, very cruel and homophobic jokes about him before he was out of the closet,” McCain said. “I think he’s lucky he didn’t become an opioid addict, given the degree of bullying that happened to him when he was still struggling to come out of the closet.”

Looks like he’s recovered from her barbs:

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‘I Don’t Like Her’

Meghan McCain said, “I would love to hear an apology, if she’s doing this kind of soul-searching, for what could’ve happened with my good friend. I don’t like her, I’m never going to like her for all the jokes she made about Clay. And I don’t like her because I don’t like seeing severed heads of anyone, any place, because it reminds me of what ISIS does to our soldiers.”

Meghan McCain’s last day on “The View” is Friday, August 6. Then “The View” goes on a month-long hiatus for the rest of August. ABC has not confirmed any hiring decision to replace McCain just yet.

Griffin’s cancer is stage one, and doctors are reportedly expecting her to make a full recovery. She has yet to respond to McCain’s comments. 

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