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Kathy Griffin continued digging herself into a hole on Tuesday night by tweeting a death wish for President Trump. Even though Secret Service has been notified, Griffin doesn’t appear to be backing down. 

The not-so-funny comedienne’s career has been in a tailspin ever since she pretended to behead our Commander-in-Chief. That was even too extreme for liberal Hollywood.

Griffin found many of her gigs and sponsorships canceled because of her appalling behavior. Now, she has apparently made that hatred her brand.  

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Griffin Wants Trump Stabbed With A Syringe Full Of Air

The former “Life On The D-List” actress tweeted her response to President Trump’s question at a diabetes event.

The President announced that the cost of insulin would drop dramatically. When this news was announced, Trump asked if he should be using it too.

Griffin tweeted, “Syringe with nothing but air inside it would do the trick.” She followed that up with profanity directed at the President. 

Yes. She is encouraging someone to stab the President of the United States with a syringe filled with air. 


Of course, an air-filled syringe can cause a fatal air embolism. That’s what Griffin wants.

She doesn’t just want President Trump to lose in November. She wants him dead. That’s how extreme and vile her hatred is.

She is unable to just disagree with someone. She wants her political opponents to die. 

When news started to spread that Griffin once again was issuing Hollywood’s version of a fatwa on President Trump, the disgraced actress doubled down and confirmed her threat in a follow up tweet. 

Griffin has some serious anger issues. Not only that, she apparently never wants to work again.

But, her issues currently extend past her employment issues. The DC Examiner confirmed that both Twitter and the Secret Service have been notified of Griffin’s latest threats against the President.

It wasn’t that long ago that she was sobbing at a press conference about the backlash from her beheading stunt.

Apparently, the out of control ginger hasn’t learned a thing from that ordeal. She even had to swear at the reporter who was tweeting the information.

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Kathy Griffin “The Beheader”

Griffin appears to be embellishing swapping out her career for her reputation of being a John Wilkes Booth wannabe. She celebrated someone calling her “the beheader.” She appears to be taunting the Secret Service to come after her.

Then she will probably cry that she’s a victim. 

Hopefully, the Secret Service takes action against Kathy Griffin. She hasn’t learned anything and she continues to attempt to provoke violence against the President.

That shouldn’t be tolerated no matter who occupies the White House. 

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