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Daniel Cormier, a former UFC champion and Olympian who battled his own issues, offers his thoughts on Simone Biles and her struggle in the Olympics.

Simone Biles was expected to leave the 2020 Summer Olympics as the greatest gymnast of all-time. Instead, he might have done even more for her legacy without competing.

Biles first announced she was removing herself from the competition in Tokyo during the team portion. From there, the reigning gold medalist pulled out of the all-around and other individual events.

At first, many wondered why. Was she hurt? Did she have COVID-19?

Biles eventually announced that she was suffering from mental health issues, and did not feel comfortable competing on the biggest stage of all. 

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For the most part, many around the world have come to the defense and offered support for Biles. Others, though, have called into question her desire to compete. 

Daniel Cormier is one of those applauding the 24-year-old. 

“I truly believe that it’s such a difficult thing,” Cormier said in an interview with MMA Fighting. “Because in a sport like wrestling, you don’t compete it’s like you kind of just quit. But I believe that when you’re twisting in the air, right? Like jumping and flying through the air, a mishap is so damaging or could be so damaging, you really have to reconsider.

“I think when I look through all this, I’ve been on a group message with my friends and it’s been back and forth, back and forth, everybody with their opinion. The reality is the only person that has to deal with the opinion and the fallout of this is Simone Biles.”

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