Becky Lynch Vince McMahon's
Source: New York Post, Twitter, Screenshot

Fans are still reeling over Becky Lynch and her WWE SummerSlam comeback. Not only did she return to in-ring action, but she also beat Bianca Belair quickly. A new report states the squash match was Vince McMahon’s call.

Becky Lynch Squash Vince McMahon’s Call

The Man is officially the new SmackDown Women’s champion. However, her SummerSlam match created mixed emotions for fans.

The WWE Universe was expecting Bianca Belair versus Sasha Banks. Therefore, it was quite a shock to learn that The Boss was not competing that night.

Plus, Becks beating the EST of WWE in about 26 seconds didn’t seem to make sense. Most fans can agree that Belair didn’t deserve losing the title in such a quick fashion.

The PW Insider adds some insight around this. According to their report, Lynch’s “squash” match against Bianca was a decision made by Vince McMahon.

Vince McMahon Wanted Becky Lynch’s Return To Be “Spectacular”

As per the report, the call was 100% Vince’s. It was his decision for the title switch.

He wanted The Man’s in-ring return to be that much more “spectacular”. So, he ordered the quickie match.

Apparently, Lynch will be the heel in this feud. However, fans will have to wait and see how this all unfolds.

Over to the land of AEW, Dr. Britt Bake is the current AEW Women’s Champion. She also happens to help encourage new talents, when needed. 

Britt Baker Eyes AEW Talent 

Britt Baker has been All Elite since 2019. This past May, she pinned Shida to score the AEW Women’s World title. 

Becky Lynch Vince McMahon's

Source: WrestleZone, Twitter, Screenshot

On August 13, she introduced ally, Jamie Hayter. This is after retaining the championship over Red Velvet.

Britt is said to be a superstar who loves eyeing new talent. She’s always on the lookout for individuals who could work well in AEW.

Baker had an interview with Vince Morales of Milwaukee Record. There she chats about “encouraging” Kenny Omega and Tony Khan to add Jamie Hayter to the team.

Britt Baker “Nudged” Them In Jamie Hayter’s Direction

Britt wrestled Hayter in England. As Baker notes, the two clicked from the get-go.

Both in the ring and outside of it. As the women’s champion states, they both also have a “dry” sense of humor.

During the interview, Britt notes that the AEW was working with Jamie for a while, pre-pandemic. However, COVID-19 halted this.

When things began to improve, Britt put the word out for Hayter again. She was “nudging” Khan and Omega at this point.

Britt took the time to remind the two about Jamie. Hayter’s a phenomenal talent that Baker wanted to work with. 

Jamie Hayter has been wrestling since 2015. She worked in the Indies for about four years.

In May 2019, she made an appearance on NXT UK. She lost her match to Piper Niven.

Later that year, she debuted on AEW. She also lost to Britt Baker during the bout.

Jamie also had a match with AEW in November 2019. She then disappeared until this past August.

Britt has a good eye for talent. Here’s hoping both ladies continue their current successful run in AEW.