AEW Staff Fired Rude
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AEW did not hesitate, as they fired a staff member for rude and racially insensitive comments made during Friday’s Dynamite. Also, Kofi Kingston gives his side of losing the WWE Championship to Brock Lesnar in seconds.

AEW Staff Fired For Rude Remark

There was an issue with one of AEW’s color commentators this week and the matter is already resolved. AEW Spanish language commentator Willie Urbina was fired for mocking Hikaru Shida’s Japanese accent.

It appears Urbina did not realize his mic was still on when he started knocking her accent. Quickly, social media lit up, demanding action.

 PW Insider confirmed the news that Friday was his last appearance. Therefore, he will not be calling Double Or Nothing. 

At the time of his rude act, Alex Abrahantes and Thunder Rosa were also at the desk. They did nothing wrong and likely no action will be taken against them.

AEW is very strict on treating others with respect. They do not tolerate crude comments, bullying or racism, which has seen some talent leave and others not be hired.

Kofi Kingston On Brock Lesnar Loss

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When WWE was heading to FOX and they were bringing SmackDown along, they wanted to make an impression. Well, that happened at the expense of WWE Champion Kofi Kingston.

In the main event, Kington lost his title to a returning Brock Lesnar in about seven seconds. Kofimania was over and fans were irate by the move.

We all knew Kingston was going to lose, but not in single digits. Still, WWE made the call and there was nothing Kingston could do.

While speaking to Steven Muehlhausen of DAZN, Kofi Kingston went over the title squash match. He wished to mount more offense, but cannot stay mad about something out of his control.

Kofi Kingston Didn’t Agree, But Knows His Place 

“I told a lot of people that if it was up to me, I would have had that match be different in the way that it went down,” said Kingston. “But, the thing is, that it’s not up to me.” 

“I think what we need to realize is that you control what you can control. That’s it. I don’t get mad over what I can’t control.”

“I show up to work, and it’s like, ‘What we’re doing? Ok, maybe we can do it like this, but we’re going to do it like this.’ Then, once you have the outline of what’s going to happen, that’s the way that you proceed.”

After the fast title loss, Kingston went back to working with Big E and Xavier Woods in the New Day. During that stretch, all three members went down with injuries at different times.

Eventually, Big E was sent to SmackDown while Kingston and Woods kept the New Day duo going on RAW. They even once again held the RAW tag titles.

At the moment, Kingston has been getting the better of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley on RAW. It will likely lead to a future title match, but we not sure when.

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