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“The Carol Burnett Show” gave us some memorable moments over the years. It’s hard to pick a favorite skit with such a talented cast and too many funny ones to name. When Harvey Korman, Tim Conway, and Carol Burnett together in a skit, you knew you’d be in for a laugh. 

This classic sketch comedy show entertained us for 11 seasons. With Carol and the gang, we had no idea what each skit would be about. We only knew we were going to laugh together as a family watching it.

Even though decades have passed since the show aired, it is still so fun to watch all these years later.

Tim Conway’s Physical Comedy

Tim Conway was terrific at physical comedy. He wore his character’s expressions on his face and didn’t think twice about flopping around for a laugh. That’s what he did in “I’m Not A Doctor.”

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Carol was nosy and asked Harvey what’s wrong with him as they sat in the lobby of a doctor’s office.

When he told her what medicine he’s taking, she began rattling off all the side effects of this drug.

She made it appear that Korman wouldn’t be able to walk out of there without assistance because of his medicine. But, she also proclaimed that she might not be right because she’s not a doctor. 

Tim Conway was the first person to make me laugh so hard I cried. Just like he always did to Harvey Korman weekly on The Carol Burnett Show. What a beautiful gift to give the world.

— Adam (Edge) Copeland (@EdgeRatedR) May 14, 2019

While Korman didn’t get too worked up about Carol’s concerns, Tim Conway was another story. Although Carol wasn’t speaking with him, Tim is taking the same medicine and had a psychosomatic response to each side effect Carol mentioned. 

Harvey Korman Breaks Character

Harvey Korman had a history of breaking character during skits and laughing, especially when he was teamed up with Tim Conway.

It became a running joke and challenge on “The Carol Burnett Show” as his cast mates attempted to make him lose it with laughter while filming.

While Harvey did a good job of maintaining his composure during “I’m Not A Doctor,” there are plenty of other times when he busted out laughing.

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Harvey somehow made it through the skit as Tim fell right between him and Carol as she ran through the litany of things that could go wrong when taking the medication. 

Check out the video below for a fun trip down memory lane!

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