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“The Carol Burnett Show” provided us with laughs for 11 seasons. The show racked up numerous Primetime Emmy and Golden Globe Awards, making it one of the most popular shows of all time. Families across the country would tune in so they could laugh together.

Bernadette Peters was one of the many guests on “The Carol Burnett Show.” She also appeared on the “50th Anniversary Special” of the show in December 2017.

One of the skits that Bernadette was in had her chatting with Carol Burnett about their sons. Bernadette had just moved into the neighborhood and wanted Carol to know that her son was a very successful doctor.

Of course, this put Carol in an unfortunate position because her son Arnold was not a very successful doctor. Her son was such a wallflower that you couldn’t see him – literally. He was invisible!

Arnold comes home while the two women are chatting. This had Bernadette Peters running for the door! Is it a ghost, or Carol’s invisible son?

Things get even funnier when Carol’s husband, played by Harvey Korman, comes home. He can’t understand how two normal people could have an invisible son. Then, the mailman shows up.

Watch the clip below for a good laugh!

Poor Harvey Korman! The answer was under his nose all these years but was apparently too invisible for him to notice.

Another hilarious skit with Bernadette Peters took place when she and Carol were typists who worked together. Typical of the work environment for typists, these two gossiped to help get through the monotony of their workday.

Notice how in sync they are in the video below. That must have taken a tremendous amount of practice to time all that typing just right.

If you miss “The Carol Burnett Show,” click here to see Tim Conway pretending to be a dog while Harvey Korman can’t help but crack up!

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