NFL Black National Anthem
Source: Flag at NFL Game courtesy of Gonzo fan2007 via Wikimedia

The NFL is continuing its efforts to expands its woke agenda. The professional football league has committed to have the Black National Anthem performed before every big event in the upcoming season. Fans will also see social justice decals on team helmets and additional public service announcements. 

Black National Anthem “Lift Every Voice And Sing”

While the national anthem will still be performed, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” will be included as well at tentpole events such as the Super Bowl, NFL Playoffs, NFL Draft, and NFL Kickoff game.

It was played before the start of week 1 games in 2020.

Victims of racial injustice will also have their experiences shared in “Say Their Stories” project.

Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem Protests

Some NFL players have been kneeling during the national anthem since Colin Kaepernick starting the trend of protesting before games.

It has alienated many fans and first responders. Many might hope the addition of the Black National Anthem might be inclusive enough to make players rethink the protest.

But, that hasn’t proved to be the case when it was included in the past. 

Last September, some Baltimore Ravens and New York Giants stood for the Black National Anthem then took a knee for “The Star Spangled Banner.”

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NFL’s $4 Billion Loss

Apparently the NFL is unfazed by plummeting viewership, causing a $4 billion drop in revenue last year.

Traditional fans typically don’t want politics injected into the sport but the league is pushing it through anyhow.

Other professional sports leagues are dialing back on social justice programming in part because of fan reaction. But, the NFL is seemingly unfazed by the decrease in viewership and is ramping up its efforts. 

The NFL has dedicated $250 million to its “Inspire Change” initiative which is getting a boost with Jay Z’s Roc Nation.

In addition to the on field messaging, there is a Twitter account dedicated to it. 

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The NFL is taking a big risk by increasing its planned activism for the upcoming season with the Black national anthem and social justice messaging.

If they have another year of falling viewership and diminished profits, they may need to rethink this approach.

They won’t be able to blame the pandemic for losses this year. 

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