Jim Ross Death Threats
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One misplaced word and Jim Ross is now being sent death threats. Also, WWE wrestlers are sending love to Naomi as she deals with another DUI with her husband, Jimmy Uso.

Jim Ross Sent Death Threats Over Botch

Jim Ross is a legend in the pro wrestling business for is work behind the scenes and on commentary. He worked almost everywhere such WCW, WWE and now AEW.

During the end of Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite, Ross accidentally said “WWE Dynamite.” With this being the first show in a different location after 60 weeks because of COVID, plenty of people heard the error. 

Basically, Ross made no excuses for the hiccup. Many went to bat for Ross, claiming he is still the best. 

On the Grilling JR podcast, Ross said some have remarks been real harsh. He has even had people claiming he suffered a medical issue and are now threatening his life.

“[People said] I’ve had a stroke, by the way I’ve never had a stroke but that’s been diagnosed on the internet from my faupaux, I’ve had a stroke,” said Ross. “I’ve had a battle with Bell’s Palsy.” 

“Actually, had three bouts with Bell’s Palsy. That I have onset dementia, which wouldn’t surprise me, it’s going to happen to everybody some ways or another.”

People Called For Death To Jim Ross 

“But, man I got everything on that thing from people wanting me to die. Here’s what’s sad about that deal, it’s not about my mispronouncing, this is a much bigger issue in my opinion.” 

“That’s all this is folks, my opinion. It’s the flavor of the country right now, it’s just where we are and it’s sad, I don’t even know what you call it, the cancel culture.” 

“It was a little rugged. The thing about it is people misquote information, without any thought, there’s no conscious involved.”

“It’s not the fact that I might get this right if I say JR has onset dementia, but then what if you’re wrong? How do you pull that back in? Well, it’s out there so you don’t pull it back in.”

Ross has called plenty of big moments in pro wrestling. Therefore, everyone makes mistakes and he cannot be belittled for a small error on live TV.

In short, wishing death upon someone is absurd and should be criminal. So, a great show by AEW despite some fans focusing on one mistake.

Wrestlers Send Naomi Love

Jim Ross Death Threats

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Last week, Jimmy Uso was arrested after RAW for DUI. It caused concern and anger within WWE.

Once the story broke, Jimmy Uso was trending for a while. People wondered how WWE would handle the matter, but they did not.

Jimmy appeared during Friday’s SmackDown and was heavily featured. As for his wife, Naomi, she deactivated her social media accounts to avoid all the chirping. 

Since then, several WWE superstars have sent Naomi positive messages.