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Dolly Parton gave her husband Carl Dean a very memorable birthday present. The Country legend dressed up in a Playboy bunny outfit to recreate her 1978 cover photo for the men’s magazine.

She certainly turned a lot of heads when she posed for the men’s magazine.

It was racy but she kept it classy and her contract with Playboy did not include nudity.

Dolly taught a lot of people that nudity isn’t needed to be sexy. Now, she’s recreated that iconic cover photo and she looks as good as ever!

Dolly And Carl’s Long Marriage

Dolly and Carl have been married for 57 years and she insists on keeping things spicy. She knew her beloved husband would really like this gift.

She initially had other modeling plans for this year, but given a hiccup at Playboy she had to shift gears.

Dolly shared an Instagram video telling fans about the racy way she is honoring her husband’s birthday. 

“Remember sometime back I said I was going to pose on the cover of Playboy Magazine when I was 75? Well, I’m 75 and they don’t have a magazine anymore,” Dolly says in her Instagram video. “But my husband always loved the original cover of Playboy so I was trying to think of something to do to make him happy.”

She then tells her fans she did a photo shoot in her bunny outfit and made a cover photo of “the new Dolly.”

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“Well, the old new Dolly,” she said, good-naturedly. “In the first one, I was kind of a little butterball in that one. Well, I’m string cheese now.”

“But he’ll probably think I’m cream cheese,” Parton said with a wink. “I hope!”

Parton’s Playboy Cover Birthday Gift

Dolly presented her husband with her 1978 Playboy cover along side a recent one.

She added that her husband still thinks she is a “hot chick” after over half a century of marriage.

“I’m not going to try to talk him out of that,” she adorably says with a giggle.

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Dolly never hides the fact that she and Carl work on keeping the spark in their relationship. This thoughtful and very sexy gift is a testament to that. 

You can watch her video in the Instagram post below. 


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