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Liberal comedian Chelsea Handler has launched what can only be described as a racist attack on “white men” who complain about cancel culture but have brought the movement to our society. 

Handler made her vile remarks against “white men” while appearing on Alexandra Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy” podcast on Wednesday. (Strong language.)

During a segment on cancel culture, Handler addressed two sides of the cancel culture coin.

She doesn’t think people should be ostracized if they are genuinely attempting to address their bad behavior. However, she also called out those folks who refuse to apologize and don’t try to understand the controversy. 

Handler Goes Off On ‘White Men’

Her message was loud and clear when she addressed the “white men” who refuse to apologize for their actions when they are targeted by cancel culture.

“I think that when people make an apology, and it’s sincere, that that should count for something,” Handler said, according to Mediate.

“And the people that aren’t apologizing need to understand why they need to apologize, and actually address the issue head-on instead of trying to get back in under the door,” she continued. “All you have to do is say you’re sorry and mean it. Why’s that so f*cking hard?”

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Handler added that this is particularly common among “white men,” sarcastically adding, “Why’s the f*cking party over? We can’t rape you guys anymore? You gonna tell on us?”

Of course, saying sorry isn’t actually ever enough in the eyes of the radical left.

Once someone is targeted by cancel culture, it’s nearly impossible for them to save themselves. And, the backlash oftentimes only worsens if they try to appease the radical liberals trying to take them down by apologizing.

Handler’s Advice For ‘White Men’

Nevertheless, Handler stood by her comments, and even offered some advice to “white men” who are being spoken to about issues like sexism and racism by women and minorities. 

“If you’re a man talking to a woman about sexism, or if you’re a white person talking to a person of color about racism, the only responses are ‘Thank you,’” Handler said.

“‘Thank you for telling me, thank you for spending your time explaining this me and I’m sorry I didn’t know better,'” she continued. 

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Handler’s Previous Attack On ‘White Guys’

Earlier this month, Handler told The New York Times that she feels America is in the midst of a “social justice and racial justice movement” and that “white guys” still aren’t “getting the message” of the movements.

“There’s tons to play with and tons to talk about,” she said. “And we’re all kind of saying goodbye to so many of the things that we’re so accustomed to doing, having to say goodbye to words that you used to think were OK, having to say goodbye to phrases and ways to describe things that you think were OK, having to say goodbye to men for a while because they’re on probation.”

“And until they’ve proven to us that there are more good ones than bad ones, there’s one big group we’re still able to make fun of,” Handler continued. “And that’s white guys who don’t seem to be getting the message of the movement that’s happening.”

Handler may claim to be a “woke” warrior against racism, but if she wants to see what a true racist looks like, she might want to look in the mirror as she rails against ‘white men.’

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