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Brock Lesnar – SummerSlam Update, Ex Superstar Doesn’t Trust WWE

With SummerSlam plans being finalized, here's the latest Brock Lesnar update. And, a former WWE superstar does not trust the company.

WWE wants Brock Lesnar, but the latest SummerSlam update does not sound promising. Also, Ken Shamrock no longer trusted the company, hence leaving and never returning. 

Brock Lesnar – SummerSlam Update

The past 24 hours has seen Brock Lesnar’s name pop up on the internet. That started because Paul Heyman changed a social media picture to show Lesnar.

As of now, Lesnar is not currently booked into any storylines. Although, Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men podcast has more to the story.

Apparently, WWE was looking to bring Lesnar in for SummerSlam. But, there were issues with creative and as of late June, nothing had changed.

Also, WWE is looking to have Lesnar work more live events. Typically, he works a few before a pay per view and then disappears for months.

The belief is both sides will work out as a deal as Vince McMahon does not want him joining AEW. With SummerSlam likely booked internally, fans will have to wait for Lesnar’s return.

With live audiences returning in about 10 days, that could see the process be speeded up.

Lesnar was last in the ring over a year ago at WrestleMania 36, when he lost to Drew McIntyre. A program with McIntyre or Roman Reigns seems like the best fit for Lesnar.

Ex Superstar Doesn’t Trust WWE

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In pro wrestling, trust is very important. If someone does not feel safe working in the ring with another wrestler, it can lead to injury.

Also, there needs to be a good relationship between wrestlers and bosses. For former UFC fighter turned WWE wrestler, Ken Shamrock lost that bond with Vince McMahon.

He attributed the Montreal Screwjob and Owen Hart’s death being a factor in him leaving WWE. During the Kurt Angle Show podcast, he went into further details.

“I think there was a lot of insecurity on my end when they did the thing with Bret Hart,” said Shamrock. “Then, the thing with Owen and then they did the little skit thing with the Road Warriors where he fell off the big screen and then we saw a body fall behind it.”

“Everything that I was taught going into the WWF was that you had to trust people and that when you went into the ring, the guy across from you, you had to trust he would do his job and you were going to do yours, the announcers were going to do their jobs and so on. It just felt like it came apart.” 

Life For Ken Shamrock After WWE

After departing the WWE, Shamrock would return to the UFC. He left the UFC in 2006 and last competed in MMA in February 2016.

Besides MMA, Shamrock also worked for several pro wrestling companies. He had a few runs in Impact Wrestling, where he become the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Fans will never know what would have happened if Shamrock stayed in the WWE. He was a given a huge push and seemed to adapt to the business very quickly.

In his short time with the WWE, Shamrock captured the International Championship, Tag Team Championship, and won King of the Ring.

At 57 years old, he is well past his prime. But, the WWE likes to bring back older names for one-off matches, so maybe he appears in the Royal Rumble.

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