Anthony Ogogo Has Tenth Eye Surgery Putting AEW Push On Hold

AEW wrestler Anthony Ogogo is facing his tenth eye surgery. Unfortunately, this means his push in the promotion is being put on hold.

AEW wrestler Anthony Ogogo’s wrestling push is put on hold due to his 10th eye surgery. With it, Ogogo faces another stint rehabilitating.

Retired Boxer Anthony Ogogo Gets 10th Eye Surgery

Anthony Ogogo Eye Surgery AEW
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Anthony Ogogo made the switch to professional wrestling in 2019after a successful career in boxing.

Ogogo had an impressive track record before pro wrestling. After all, he was a competitor in the Olympics in 2012.

The transition to professional wrestling seemed to go perfectly for Ogogo. He certainly left a big impression on the AEW crowd and management.

Soon after making his debut, Ogogo started up a feud with Cody Rhodes. Unfortunately, eye surgery is now throwing a spanner in the works. 

For Ogogo this eye surgery is his 10th one. Despite the surgery, Ogogo hopes to be in action again soon.

In fact, he hopes to return to professional wrestling near the end of the summer.


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On his Instagram account, Ogogo has been keeping Kayfabe alive.

“Billy Gunn, you’re so lucky that I’m not in America right now. Because I would rip you limb from limb. I’d break every bone in your face and make your life not worth living. This is the 10th eye surgery because I’ve got so much scar tissue around my eye socket. They had to go through my nasal cavity, correct my septum, which was deviated when you smashed my face off the steel barricade.”

Will This Affect Ogogo’s Future?

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

It is unlikely that the injury will impact Ogogo’s future. After all, it seems that AEW has invested a considerable amount in the pro wrestler.

Ogogo is quite a big name in the United Kingdom, and this is what AEW is counting on. In fact, All Elite Wrestling is extremely popular in the UK.

By pitting Ogogo against Cody Rhodes, AEW pretty much has a license to print money. There is the American fan base supporting Cody, and the United Kingdom fans supporting Ogogo.

It is likely that the feud between Rhodes and Ogogo will resume when he returns to the pro wrestling ring. Of course, it is likely he will go through Billie Gunn first.

Ogogo’s current injury seems to be attributed to Billie Gunn. But since Gunn is closely affiliated with Cody, it seems that it could only help to build the feud.

Of course, we do have to consider any other plans AEW might have for Cody Rhodes. If Cody is scheduled for another feud at the end of the summer, the plans might have to take a backseat. 

But at the end of the day, Cody Rhodes versus Anthony Ogogo is most definitely going to happen. The groundwork has been done already, all AEW has to do is cash in on the feud. 

Now, it remains to be seen how long Ogogo’s recovery will take. After all, a 10th eye surgery is not that straightforward.

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