wwe talking free agent brock lesnar
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The company is always looking to bring in or bring back talent, and WWE is talking to a huge free agent about a return. Also, it sounds like those Becky Lynch return plans have been a long time coming.

WWE Talking To Huge Free Agent

In a quest to stack the roster, WWE is talking to a huge free agent.


Well, they don’t get much bigger than Brock Lesnar, do they?

wwe talking free agent brock lesnar

source: custom, WrestlingNews.co Twitter screenshot

Certainly some fans will read that and not be too shocked. Lesnar and WWE have a long and interesting relationship.

WWE fans have not see Brock Lesnar since last year’s WrestleMania, where he dropped his title to Drew McIntyre.

His absence during the bulk of the pandemic made sense for a variety of reasons.

Having Brock Lesnar perform in front of no fans sort of defeats the point of having The Beast Incarnate around.

On top of that logic, Brock Lesnar would have had travel issues, as he calls a big chunk of land in Canada home.

So, with fans returning and SummerSlam almost sold out…WWE is talking to that huge free agent.

That is the report, coming from Fightful.

It has long been expected that, once fans returned and things got back to normal, Brock Lesnar would be back.

Many unbiased opinions figured that for Lesnar, it would be WWE or nothing…so it was not likely that Vince McMahon would be competing with anyone for his services.

We’ve heard plenty of chatter about WWE wanting to make SummerSlam a bigger show than usual. With it’s first major PPV at full capacity in over 18 months, you can understand why.

So, bringing in a huge free agent, like Brock Lesnar, could certainly help.

Becky Lynch Return Plans

Fans have been waiting a while for The Man to come back, and we’ve got some clarity on those Becky Lynch return plans.

From what we’ve heard via the Wrestling Observer, those return plans have been in the works for a while.

As with Brock Lesnar, it is now likely that Becky Lynch has had her return plans delayed for a good reason.

becky lynch return plans

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Lynch has been spotted at the Performance Center recently, and reportedly The Man is looking jacked.

We have been hearing of her imminent return since January. She gave birth to her daughter in December, and has no doubt been working hard ever since to get back into ring shape.

As the world has continued to change over the last few months, it is entirely likely that WWE decided to keep Lynch for when live fans are back in the stands.

That happens in just a few weeks. WWE will no doubt want to make the return to live shows memorable…and one way to do that is by having some Superstars return.

Some of those returns may be surprises (hopefully), but there will surely be some announced ones too. WWE will want to make sure that ticket sales and ratings do well.

And…she’s staying close, as she was reportedly spotted on Sunday night.


So, those Becky Lynch return plans have been discussed for a long time. We may be seeing her back in front of the WWE Universe very soon.

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