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Brock Lesnar’s Contract Expires, Current WWE Negotiation Status

Brock Lesnar's contract with WWE has expsired and he is now a free agent. Find out the current negotiation status between both parties.

Brock Lesnar’s contract with WWE has expired, but both sides are still talking. As they negotiate  a new deal, the free agent has plenty of options and fans are sharing their thoughts.

Brock Lesnar’s Contract Expires

Brock Lesnar is no longer under contract with WWE according to PWInsider. He is now a free agent and can pursue other options outside of WWE.

In the past, Lesnar has used the same tactic when working on a new contract. Lesnar and WWE are working on a new deal, but nothing has officially been signed.

PWInsider added the following.

“While the two sides have been working on a new deal, they have hit an impasse and have paused discussions.  his leaves Lesnar on the open market where he could, if he desires, field offers from outside WWE; whether it be AEW or other wrestling promotions, UFC, or even outside endeavors beyond combat sports.”

There is always the possibly AEW would be interested, but it would not be cheap. Although, AEW’s Chris Jericho and Lesnar have some backstage tension.

The UFC is always open to brining Lesnar back. Besides a few fighters, Lesnar remains one of the biggest pay per view draws.

Last time fans saw Lesnar, he lost to Drew McIntyre on night two of WrestleMania 36. In the process, he dropped the Universal Championship.

No word on when Lesnar’s contract expired. For months, he has been unable to leave Canada and travel to the United States due to travel bans from COVID-19.

Another layer to the story is Paul Heyman. After working as Lesnar’s advocate for most of his second WWE run, he now represents Roman Reigns.

More details on that relationship can be found, here.

In addition, Lesnar’s merchandise was removed with no explanation at the time.

Brock Lesnar's Contract Negotiation
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Fans React On Lesnar’s Future

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