Eva Marie WWE Booking
Source: @akfywrestling, Twitter, Screenshot

Eva Marie’s back in the WWE! She made a huge splash last week on Monday Night RAW with a video vignette. This week, fans were privy to a new one. But many are wondering what her WWE booking will be moving forward.

Eva Marie – WWE Booking Idea

During a recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about Eva Marie. Sounds like she is going to be a role model, moving forward.


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This means her character will be a major babyface. Eva’s persona will undergo an evolution from what it was before she left the company in 2017.

According to Meltzer, WWE’s booking concept for Marie is that she’ll be a supermodel. But one that has worked hard to get where she is.

The idea is that she’s a “celebrity” that wants to help people. In essence, she will be a face in the RAW women’s division.

It seems like Eva’s new gimmick is similar to the one years back for Emma. For fans who may recall, Emma had vignettes and then debuted with her “Emmalution” character.

The character was axed after merely one live promo. Perhaps, Eva Marie can do more with the concept.

Reaction To Eva Marie’s Return

The idea of Eva being a face is a little weird. This has more to do with fan reaction to her return, not necessarily the character she played before she left the company.

The timing was poor around her comeback. Off the cusp of firing many strong female talents, bringing in Marie left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.

With that said, if anyone follows Eva Marie on social media, they can see she has a strong work out ethic. She’s clearly hungry to make a big impression on the WWE Universe.

Here’s hoping she succeeds. In other WWE news, WNZ has more information on Humbert Carrillo’s injury from last night.

Humberto Carrillo Injury Update

There was a scary moment on last night’s RAW. This happened when a match between Humberto and Sheamus ended early.

Eva Marie's WWE Booking

Source: Wrestling Observer, Twitter, Screenshot

The Celtic Warrior landed on Carrillo. The good news is that Humberto is okay.

Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer Radio chimed in on what happened. He noted that while the superstar was alright, WWE may “milk” this injury as an angle.

As Meltzer put it, Carrillo could “wrestle tomorrow” if he wanted to. Still, the finish of the match was not planned, and it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Fans Were Worried

Many fans were very worried about Carrillo last night during RAW. He’s an incredible talent and no one wants to see a superstar suffer an injury.

Plus, it was the way Sheamus landed on Humberto that caused concern. He fell right on top of him.

The spot and match received a ton of attention this week. This could be the reason why WWE might milk Carrillo’s injury.

If it’s incorporated to help elevate Humberto, then opening up a storyline-related injury might be a good thing. He’s a great wrestler that deserves a push.