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All-Female Main Roster Stable Cancelled, WWE PC Students Warned

It may or may not shock you, but an all-female main roster stable was cancelled. Plus, WWE PC students are warned happens if they fail.

It seems that an all-female main roster stable was cancelled, and WWE PC students are warned about life after working for the company.

All-Female Main Roster Stable Cancelled

With all the recent WWE releases, things change. One change: an all-female main roster stable was cancelled.

Now, to be fully clear here, the cancellation happened before the releases. Once you hear who was involved, it will make that much more sense.

Fans have been clamoring for more quality female Superstars, and content intended to showcase them.

There have been times when that interest made it seem like an all-female main roster stable could work, and should happen.

The closest we’ve ever gotten? The Riott Squad, basically.

Sure, fans drooled over the possibility of a WWE Horsewomen versus MMA-turned-WWE Horsewomen match, but that has gone nowhere.

Especially hard to do since a few involved are either recently new moms, or expecting.

So, we could have had an unexpected all-female main roster stable, but plans fell apart and the stable was cancelled.

Following this last round of releases, there’s no hope for it to be revived.

That stable’s members? Santana Garrett (released most recently), along with Vanessa Bourne and Chelsea Green, both of whom were among previous releases.

This news was shared via Fightful.

I’d call this a case of WWE being damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

main roster stable cancelled
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An all-female main roster stable seems like it would be long overdue. However, seeing those three names…would they have generated enough interest?

Bourne never wowed in NXT. Green was seemingly on the fast track, but had some really bad injury luck.

And, we never got to see enough of Santana Garrett to see how she would have fit. Still, putting three fresh faces together and letting them have some fun in a stable?

There would have been worse ways to introduce fans to some new main roster talent. I mean, if the stable cratered, just have it implode, much like Retribution.

It’s encouraging to see that WWE may at least be considering an all-female main roster stable. For now, however, we will have to wait for a new one to come along.

WWE PC Students Warned

There is a lot that goes into preparing someone to become a Superstar, but when you hear that WWE PC students are warned of life after WWE…you may chuckle.

According to a report via the Wrestling Observer, WWE PC students are warned that when they leave, their life is over.

Of course, life is not over. The warning may imply that their WWE life is over, or that their wrestling life is.

wwe pc students warned
source: custom, WWE Twitter screenshot

Surely, if they are released, their WWE dream dies right there-maybe forever.

However, if the goal is to become a professional wrestler, without concern for where? Then no, life is not over.

Plenty of WWE PC students have been warned, and still gone on to have careers after WWE.

With AEW growing and succeeding, and with other promotions like Ring of Honor and New Japan (to name but a few) looking to add talent all the time…life is not over.

So, while those WWE PC students may be warned, it seems that the warning is more of a scare tactic.

It certainly does not appear to be grounded in reality.

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