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Source: Mike Eruzione screenshot via YouTube; Chelsea Wolfe video screenshot via Chelsea Wolfe Instagram

Mike Eruzione of the 1980 U.S. hockey team isn’t holding back about his opinion about transgender Olympian Chelsea Wolfe’s goal of burning the American flag on the podium in at the Olympics in Tokyo. 

Eruzione, also known as Rizzo, captured our hearts during the team’s “Miracle on Ice” clinching of the gold medal at the height of the Cold War.

It was a David vs. Goliath style battle and the Americans came out on top.

It’s a moment many of us will never forget. People who never watched hockey before even tuned in to watch this dream team.

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1980 USA Hockey’s Medal Ceremony

Rizzo and the rest of the team understood the honor of standing on that podium.

They were proud to represent our country. That medal ceremony was an emotional moment for all Americans.

Take a look:

So, Eruzione was greatly disturbed over Wolfe’s intentions to protest against the United States while representing us all. The post has now been deleted, but not before it was captured in a screenshot:

Chelsea Wolfe

Source: Chelsea Andrea Wolfe Facebook screenshot via Fox News

“I mean, first of all, burning the American flag anywhere is disgusting. To use your forum on the podium of the Olympic Games, I was like really, could someone actually think about doing that?,” Eruozine told “Fox and Friends.”

Eruzione: “It’s The Ultimate Honor” To Represent The U.S.

“I just couldn’t even imagine the mindset of someone thinking that made sense,” Eruzione said. “It’s the ultimate honor, it’s not a Super Bowl or a World Series or a Stanley Cup. This is the United States. You represent every part of this country.”

Wolfe is a biological male who has earned a spot as an alternate on the United States Female BMX Freestyle team.

The BMXer attempted to distract from the backlash following the exposure of her Olympic intentions.

Wolfe claims the intention of burning the flag on the podium is to show the world America is good. 

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“One of the reasons why I work so hard to represent the United States in international competition is to show the world that this country has morals and values, that it’s not all the bad things we’re known for,” Wolfe said. 

“So you burn the flag? That is the statement?,” Mike Eruzione quipped.

Eruzione said, “I thought it was a prank. Then I followed it up a little more and found out that was the thought.”

Rizzo’s interview with “Fox and Friends” is in the video below. 

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