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The Walking Dead star Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently admitted that his iconic character is based on none other than Mick Foley. In fact, he revealed this while posting a birthday message.

Mick Foley, Inspiration for The Walking Dead According to Jeffrey Dean Morgan 

Mick Foley inspiration for The Walking Dead Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed some interesting facts in a recent social media post. While wishing Mick Foley a happy birthday, he revealed Foley’s character inspired Negan.

In his post, Jeffrey wrote:

“Happy damn birthday to the one and only @realmickfoley a man who not only inflicted pain, but took loads of it… and I loved watching.”

“May of borrowed a move or two. Big love to you sir, best to you and to @NoelleFoley HAPPY BIRTHDAY big man!”

Foley later responded to the message and thanked the actor. He also praised him for taking barbed wire “mainstream.”


It is also an exciting time for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. After all, The Walking Dead is about to head into its final season.

Three images were released for the season finale. So far, it seems an army of the dead will be threatening the status quo.

The Walking Dead (final season) is set to start on August 22. And the teasers for the show certainly seem promising.

Inspirational Mick Foley

Mick Foley

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

But let’s move back to Mick Foley. After all, this legendary wrestler seems to be getting even more mainstream after his retirement.

It is clear that Jeffrey probably watched wrestling as a child. And who do you think about when you think of barbed wire?

Mick Foley was mainly known as a hardcore wrestler. He also had a penchant for changing his character.

At one point, Mick Foley entered the Royal Rumble with his three biggest characters. Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind were true crowd draws.

Of course, Foley was put on the map by his hardcore moves. From barbed wire to falling through a steel cage, there is little Foley hasn’t done.

While his cage match with The Undertaker is the most iconic, you cannot ignore the other hardcore work Foley has done.

As one of the top stars in the WWE, Foley also won numerous championships. Within the WWE, he held the WWF Championship, Hardcore Championship, Tag Team Championship and many others.

Foley’s accolades are not solely focused on the WWE either. After all, the wrestler even obtained titles in the indie circuit.

Since his retirement, Foley has remained relevant in the world of pro wrestling. He often makes special appearances and has even hit mainstream television and films.

Foley is also remarkably active where charities are concerned. In particular, Foley has focused on charitable works such as Camp Adventure and Make a Wish.

Mick Foley is also a multi-time New York bestselling author! Over the years, he released countless autobiographies that sold well. 

In total, Foley released five autobiographies, mainly because of their popularity. However, he also released a number of children’s books.

Foley’s last book was a memoir, which was released in 2017. 

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