Britt Baker insults hardcore wrestler Mick Foley and calls out Tony Khan
Source: Screenshot, YouTube

AEW wrestler Britt Baker insulted hardcore legend Mick Foley on social media and has also called out Tony Khan. Needless to say, heel Baker is in good form as always.

Britt Baker Goes For Mick Foley And Tony Khan

Britt Baker

Source: Screenshot, YouTube AllEliteWrestling

Britt Baker was praised massively after her hardcore match with Thunder Rosa. Even WWE legend Mick Foley took to social media to praise the wrestler.

However, Britt Baker did not take kindly to the compliment and posted the following message. 

“Mick Foley, thanks for the thumbs up – except, it took you 20 years to become a Hardcore Legend and I did it in one night.”

“And that night, when I had 87 thumbtacks in my back and the blood was flowing down into my eyes, I’ve never been able to see more clearly.”

Baker was impressive with her hardcore match. She also proved she is always the professional, as she stayed in character through all the compliments.

The women’s division has struggled on AEW. But the recent match with Thunder Rosa certainly put the women’s division on the map.

There is plenty of female talent in AEW, they only need to utilize it. With Baker at the helm, the women’s division is ready to take off.

Of course, Baker is not the champion. But in our opinion, it is only a matter of time.

Baker also made it a point this week to call out AEW’s owner Tony Khan. 

Calling Out Tony Khan

Britt Baker, Tony Khan, Hardcore Mick Foley

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Britt Baker went for Tony Khan this week for an entirely different reason. AEW’s resident dentist believes that Khan is signing way too many wrestlers.

During a promo, Baker told Khan exactly what she thought.

“Tony Khan, you’re out here looking for every legend that ever has been.”

“Because, not only did I make history that night, I put AEW on the map. And those three letters – AEW – come second to the most epic three in all of professional wrestling. D… M… D.”

Baker could have a point with her recent comments though. After all, this is exactly the mistake made by WCW back in the day.

WCW signed so many wrestling veterans and gave them big money contracts, the promotion could no longer turn a profit. Now, this could be a beginner’s mistake for this wrestling promotion as well.

That being said, signing these veterans does give AEW more exposure. Paul Wight, Christian and Sting are just some of the recent wrestlers to join the promotion.

Nevertheless, AEW must be careful not to make the same mistake as WCW. If it were to sign any more veteran wrestlers, it must be able to put them to good use.

In addition to that, AEW has its work cut out for itself to sort out the women’s division. The talent is there, now the brand simply needs to put more women’s matches on.

It would be great if the brand could treat the men’s and the women’s division 50-50 in terms of exposure. Of course, Britt Baker could certainly lead that division.