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Lucha Libre Star Passes Away, Alexa Bliss Starts Pig Rescue

The wrestling community is mourning the loss of a colleague, as a Lucha Libre star passed away. Plus, Alexa Bliss honors her late pet pig.

Sad news in the wrestling world, as a popular Lucha Libre wrestler has passed away. At the age of 45 years old, Pasion Krisal drowned while swimming at a beach.

Lucha Libre Star Passes Away

It’s never easy when someone dies. However, when someone is in their prime, the news can be that much more heartbreaking.

As per Mexico’s TV Azteca, Lucha Libre Exotico star Pasion Kristal has passed away. She was in Acapulco for a show.

According to the report, she was at a beach swimming. Sadly, Kristal drowned, and her body has yet to be found.

Pasion Kristal’s Lucha Libre Career

In 1994, Kristal debuted in wrestling for AAA. She worked in the Los Exoticos faction, along with Cassandro and Pimpenella Escarlata.

She was also a regular in Mexico’s IWRG, as of late. The devastating news has hit the pro wrestling community hard, and messages have been pouring out on social media.

WWE NXT star Franky Monet provided several posts to honor Pasion. This tragedy has hit a lot of people hard.

The search for Kristal’s body continues, and hopefully, it can be recovered soon. On behalf of WNZ, we send our thought to Pasion’s friends, family, and colleagues during this difficult time.

Meanwhile, Alexa Bliss has had a hard go the past couple of weeks. She’s still grieving the loss of her pet pig, Larry Steve.

However, she is turning a negative into a positive. She’s come up with a good idea to honor her beloved friend, who was really a part of her family.

Alexa Bliss Starts Pig Rescue

Alexa Bliss’ pet pig Larry-Steve passed away in late May. He was suffering from an unknown illness and to make matter worse, she couldn’t find a vet that would treat him.

Lucha Libre Star Passed
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Watching your pet suffer is one thing. Feeling helpless to do anything for them, and not being able to save them can add to this anguish.

Alexa was heartbroken when Larry died. If there’s any silver lining to all this, it’s the fact that Little Miss Bliss has come up with an idea to honor her sweet friend.

It’s A Tribute For Her Pig That Passed Away

Alexa recently chatted with TMZ. She noted that there aren’t enough vets out there that treat pigs, right now.

Since Larry’s passing, she’s had many pet owners who have gone through the same experience she has. Many vets won’t treat non-traditional or larger animals.

Bliss is looking to change that. She’s raised over $16,000 to help a pig rescue in Florida.

According to Alexa, an insulated pig house is being built for the winter. This building is going to be called “The House Larry-Steve Built”.

Bliss also noted that she would love to continue her rescue animal efforts. Especially where pigs are concerned as they are so “emotionally smart”.

While this has been a terrible experience, Alexa Bliss seems to be handling it the best way possible. Honoring Larry Steve won’t take the pain away, but it might offer hope that another pet and owner won’t go through the same ordeal.

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