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Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy spoke out on Monday night about the “sissification” of the NBA while commentating on a game between the Phoenix Suns and LA Clippers.

A humiliating clip of legendary basketball player LeBron James that went viral perfectly demonstrates exactly what Van Gundy is referring to about the sport.

Van Gundy Rips On How Soft Basketball’s Become

Fox News reported that with four minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, Clippers star Paul George was slapped in the face by Suns forward Jae Crowder.

George appeared to be in pain as he went down while referees stopped play to figure out what happened.

Van Gundy, who was the head coach of the Knicks and Rockets, was not having any of it. He held nothing back. And, he made it clear that he’s sick of how soft the game he loves has become.

“I’m sick of the sissification of the game,” Van Gundy said. “That’s not a flagrant foul. He contested. He fouled him. Shoot your two free throws.” 

However, co-commentator Mark Jackson disagreed with Van Gundy, pointing out it was clearly a flagrant foul. The refs called it a foul and George hit the two free throws.

Check out the moment for yourself below.

LeBron James’ Humiliating Flop

Since this incident, a clip has gone viral of LeBron James flopping in a truly embarrassing and pathetic way.

The clip exemplifies why someone like Van Gundy, who can remember when basketball was a far rougher sport, is so frustrated by the way spoiled athletes are behaving on the court today. 

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What a joke! 

Reasons This ‘Sissification’ Has Happened

Perhaps part of the reason that this “sissification” has taken place is athletes like James are far more focused on going “woke” and pushing radical liberal politics than they are about winning basketball games and leaving it all on the court.

The “woke” movement has weakened our society in a way that seems to be growingly irreparable.

It has seeped into professional sports, making athletes behave like overgrown toddlers rather than like adults who will do whatever it takes (within the rules, of course) to win. 

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We also live in a world where it has become “hip” and “cool” for professional athletes to whine and complain about everything like it is their job.

They complain about anything and everything from how “racist” and “evil” America is to how unfair whatever league they’re competing in is.

All of these athletes are paid millions of dollars to play a game for a living.

Seeing and hearing someone like James whine all the time is nothing short of sickening for most Americans to watch.

No wonder ratings for sports across the board have been down in recent months, according to Newsweek

Good for Jeff Van Gundy for having the guts to say what millions of Americans at home have long been thinking. 

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