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Fans of the reality television show “Duck Dynasty” are praying right now after finding out that Robertson family matriarch Kay Robertson has been rushed to the hospital following a dog attack.

Phil Robertson Speaks Out

Phil Robertson, 75, explained on his podcast “Unashamed” that Kay, 73, woke him up in the middle of the night holding a rag to her mouth as she told him she needed to go to the hospital immediately. 

“I’m sound asleep,” Phil recalled, according to Yahoo News. “She’s a night person… I feel this shaking. I look up. She’s standing there beside the bed and in her left hand there’s a cloth on her mouth. She said, ‘I think you might have to take me to the doctor.'”

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“I said, ‘Move that rag a minute,'” he revealed. “She takes the rag off her face. And I’m looking at her top lip, was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chuck gone. Bleeding profusely is an understatement.”

Phil, Jase, and Willie recount the details of Miss Kay’s injury.

How The Dog Bite Happened

Kay had been getting ready for bed when she leaned down to give her sleeping dog Bobo a goodnight kiss. This made Bobo panic and snap at her.

“I said the old saying, ‘Miss Kay, let a sleeping dog lie. You need to remember that,'” Phil said, going on to explain what the family plans to do about their dog as Bobo is now older than he was during the height of “Duck Dynasty.”

Here’s a snapshot of Bobo from his own Facebook page.

In his old age, he has developed cataracts in his eyes because of snake bites that he’s gotten in the past. 

“First thing she told Dad when she came in – she said, ‘I just want you to know that Bobo met me at the truck and he apologized,'” said Alan Robertson, Phil and Kay’s son, indicating that Bobo will likely be sticking around for a while.

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Kay Recovering At Home

Kay had to get stitches to help fix her injury, and she is currently recovering at home.

Phil said that it impressed him that his wife “never cried” throughout the entire ordeal.

She has since been reunited with Bobo, who was the “first one to run out” to greet her when she returned home from the hospital.

Kay reportedly told Phil that the dog had “apologized” by licking her on the foot.

Please join us in saying a prayer for Miss Kay as she recovers from this ordeal. While we’re at it, let’s say a prayer for Bobo, too! 

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