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Earlier this week, it was announced that New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard would become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics. Former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre has since fired back to defy the “woke” left by pointing out just how “unfair” this really is.

But first, find out more about the Hubbard situation below. 

Another transgender female is an alternate for the United State’s Female BMX freestyle event. Chelsea Wolfe will only compete in the Olympics if one of the two other qualifying athletes drop out. However, Wolfe threatened to burn the American flag on the podium in a since-deleted Facebook post from last year.

She posted this on Facebook in March: “My goal is to win the Olympics so I can burn a US flag on the podium. This is what they focus on during a pandemic. Hurting trans children,” the BMXer wrote on Facebook in March, 2020.

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Favre Defends Biological Women

“It’s a man competing as a woman,” Favre said on his podcast. “That’s unfair. It’s not fair for a man, even if this person wants to be a woman or feels compelled — if you want to become the opposite sex, that’s fine. I got no problem with it. But you can’t compete against — males cannot compete against females.”

“If I was a true female — I can’t believe I’m saying that — and I was competing in weightlifting and lost to this person, I would be beside myself,” he added. 

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Hubbard To Compete Against Biological Women

This comes after it was announced that Hubbard, who is 43 and lived as a man until only eight years ago, would be competing against women in weightlifting at this summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. 

“I am grateful and humbled by the kindness and support that has been given to me by so many New Zealanders,” Hubbard said, according to Reuters.

NZOC chief Kereyn Smith described this as a “historic moment in sport and for the New Zealand team.”

“She is our first Olympian who has transitioned from male to female,” she said. “We do know that there are many questions about fairness of transgender athletes competing in the Olympic Games but I would like to take this opportunity to remind us all that Laurel has met all of the required criteria.”

He added, “We acknowledge that gender identity in sport is a highly sensitive and complex issue requiring a balance between human rights and fairness on the field of play.” 

Brett Favre isn’t the only person who has concerns about this, however. 

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Piers Morgan Sounds Off

In a piece for Daily Mail, British television personality Piers Morgan claimed that Hubbard has “superior” biological advantages due to previously identifying as a man. 

“As I’ve said many times, I support transgender rights to equality and fairness – but not when those rights damage women’s rights to equality and fairness,” he wrote. “This is unfair and unequal. And it’s not ‘transphobic’ to say this, it’s just common sense.”

Not stopping there, Morgan slammed New Zealand’s Olympic Committee for allowing this to happen. 

“Meanwhile, New Zealand’s infamously woke Government and the country’s top sporting body have backed Hubbard’s inclusion,” he wrote. “The uncomfortable, irrefutable truth is that this decision is a disaster for women’s sport.”

This is an attack on women’s rights that people all over the world should be deeply disturbed by. Allowing transgender women to compete against biological women could destroy women’s sports forever.

The silence from the world’s so-called “feminists” on this issue is deafening. 

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