Chelsea Green Playboy Update
Source: CelebWweBabes Twitter, Screenshot

Chelsea Green has expressed interest in posing for Playboy and she has a promising update. Also, the latest on Braun Strowman being released. 

Chelsea Green Playboy Update

For Chelsea Green, her WWE career ran into many roadblocks. Eventually, she was shown the door with several other wrestlers.

After a successful time in Impact Wrestling, she signed a WWE deal and went to NXT. In Green’s few NXT appearances, she injured her wrist. 

She was not there long as Paul Heyman wanted her on the main roster.

Although, Heyman lost some power backstage and Green was stuck in limbo. After months, she debuted on SmackDown and disaster again struck. 

In the midst of the match, she again broke her wrist. While recovering, she was let go.

Since parting with WWE, Green made a bucket list. Several of the goals were wrestling for various companies and expanding her podcast Green With Envy.

Chelsea Green Drops Playboy Tease

“Everyone assumed I just wanted to be in Playboy and that was it, like I wanted to pose naked,” said Green on her podcast. “I haven’t really elaborated on it.”

“Look, I’m totally not ashamed of my body. I’m not ashamed to be half naked, be naked, whatever it is.” 

“I love people who are equally as confident as me.  I feel like everybody should feel that way about their body, but I think what people don’t realize is that’s not necessarily all I was looking for with Playboy.”

“Also, I have loved Playboy forever. I was looking for all aspects of Playboy and now I realize I’ve already gotten into a little more than I should have.” 

“Because I want to talk about Playboy next week and reveal the little Playboy conversations that I have had.  I would love to tell you guys about the time that I tried out for Playboy, so all of that to come next week.”

We will know soon enough what the future holds. From the sounds of the tease, there seems to be a good chance Green makes an appearance.

Wrestlers posing for Playboy is nothing new. The only change is WWE has distanced themselves as they want to appear more family friendly. 

Reason WWE Fired Braun Strowman

Source: WWE, Twitter, Screenshot

Once again, WWE released several superstars this past week. The biggest name was former Universal Champion Braun Strowman.

The release surprised many, but the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted how the writing was on the wall. Basically, Strowman was too expensive to keep around. 

He re-signed with WWE when AEW was starting and snagged $1.2 million per year. Therefore, he was one of the highest paid full-time wrestlers on the roster.

The report continued how Strowman thought Vince McMahon would never fire him. A big mistake was adding a “no cut clause” to the deal.

WWE recently brought Commander Azeezx and Omos to the main roster. So, they have plenty of big men wrestlers to work with.

There were also stories of Strowman annoying some people backstage. To the talent, he was seen as lazy.

Strowman’s last match was losing a triple threat for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania Backlash. It is likely in 90 days, he will find a new wrestling home.