Tessa Blanchard AEW Update
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In an AEW update, it appears the promotion has no interest in signing Tessa Blanchard. Also, Darby Allin claims he injured his shoulder on the most recent episode of Dynamite.

Tessa Blanchard – AEW Update

Despite earlier reports, AEW is not close to signing Tessa Blanchard and her husband Daga. In fact, there does not seem to be any interest from AEW.

Earlier in the week, it was suggested that both were nearing a deal. Now, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter states the opposite.

Seemingly, the biggest issue is Blanchard’s past. Days before she won the Impact World Championship, several accusations were made.

Basically, Blanchard was called out for being a bully and making racist remarks. Several wrestlers spoke up and it took away from her big moment.

She would eventually be fired by Impact Wrestling over a contract dispute. Blanchard played hardball and would not even send in taped promos as the promotion tried to get the title off her.

In the end, she was stripped of the gold. Therefore, the first and only reign of a woman to hold the Impact Wrestling World Championship ended abruptly.

Since that occurred almost a year ago, Blanchard has not done much when it comes to wrestling. She did marry Daga, which was a big moment.

Tessa Blanchard’s Current Status

At one point, Blanchard could have been considered one of the top free agents. The problem is her past.

If AEW passes, that does leave the door open for WWE. There have been rumors about Blanchard possibly signing with WWE, but nothing ever materialized. 

Like AEW, there is a chance WWE is unsure about Blanchard because of past claims. If both companies pass, it shows how they understand the bad press that would follow.

Blanchard has the potential to become a big star. Sometimes, admitting to mistakers in the past as smoothed over relationships.

The greatest example would be Hulk Hogan. He was blacklisted from WWE and pro wrestling due to racist comments. 

After a few years and many apologies, WWE forgave him. But, the fans have not been as understanding after Hogan was heavily booed at WrestleMania 37.

Darby Allin Injured From Latest Fall?

Source: DannyDiaz60, Twitter, Screenshot

On this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, Darby Allin took a nasty fall. He was attacked by “All Ego” Ethan Page and Scorpio Sky, who sent him down a flight of concrete stairs.

It looked brutal on TV and Allin went to Twitter to state his shoulder is injured. He continued that he will still be on TV next week to face Miro.

There is no word if Allin is really injured or selling the angle. It does seem like the perfect scenario for a title change.

Page and Sky were recently paired together, as they battle for the TNT Championship. The two have gone as far to attack Sting, adding to the feud. 

As for Miro, he finally ended his relationship with Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford. They had been working together since Miro signed with AEW in September. 

The run has not been impressive for Miro. Now, he has the chance to be better booked on TV.

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