Rosanna Arquette Paints Police As Racists Who Would ‘Murder’ Jesus For His Skin Color

"Pulp Fiction" actress Rosanna Arquette is turning heads with a controversial tweet about Jesus and police.

Yesterday Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette offered up quite the disturbing hot take about Jesus and police on Twitter. The Pulp Fiction actress used the Son of God as a weapon to directly attack our men and women in blue.

Cops are under fire from activists, including many Hollywood elitists like Arquette. Instead of recognizing the immense pressure police officers are under in this environment as they risk their lives to protect and serve us, Arquette portrays them as racists.

Rosanna Arquette Tweets Attack On Police Officers

The actress tweeted to her many followers, “If Jesus were alive today he’d be murdered by police officers because of the color of his skin.”

There is a lot of irony in that tweet.

Jesus was sentenced to death and killed by the government. But that fact is lost on Rosanna Arquette.

Her broad generalization also paints all cops as racist. This is ironic as Hollywood often preaches that we shouldn’t stereotype people. 

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Arquette and other Tinseltown types live in gated communities and typically have armed security. They don’t appreciate that average people cannot afford such luxuries. We depend upon the police and we support them. 

Of course, this isn’t Arquette’s first time speaking out against police.

“Racist Or Part Of The Gestapo”

In April, the 61-year-old New York native demeaned police officers in another tweet demanding police officers prove they aren’t racist or part of the “Gestapo.”

In the United States, we are innocent until proven guilty, but Rosanna Arquette doesn’t believe that applies to police. 

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“If there are any police officers left serving our communities who aren’t racist and aren’t set on killing human beings because they aren’t white ,step up ,show yourselves now .step up front and tell us you are not racist and because as it looks to us you are Gestapo,” she tweeted. 

Rosanna Arquette Tweets Republicans Are Racist Too

Police aren’t the actress’ only target. Rosanna Arquette makes it a practice to label anyone she disagrees with as racist.

Earlier this fall the Pulp Fiction actress tweeted, “the R in Republican stands for Racist.”

“Yes it’s clear the R in Republican stands for Racist,” the actress tweeted in April. 

Maybe Rosanna Arquette should remember to judge people on the content of their character and not the color of their skin or if they wear a badge. 

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