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RAW In A Nutshell: Strowman Express Steaming Toward Backlash

It's Monday, so it's RAW In A Nutshell time once again. This week, sit back and watch as the Strowman Express steams toward Backlash!

As with every other Monday, it’s time for another RAW in a Nutshell. This week, we watch the Strowman Express steaming toward Backlash.

With the WrestleMania Backlash title match now a triple threat, we await the latest action between Strowman, Drew McIntyre and the WWE Champion, Bobby Lashley.

The entire evening won’t be dedicated to the Strowman Express, of course. The rest of the night should see who else is steaming toward Backlash, however.

We can expect more matches to be set, with some maybe tweaked.

With just under two weeks between us and Backlash, there is plenty to cover between now and then.

So, with all that said, it is time for…

RAW In A Nutshell: Strowman Express Steaming Toward Backlash

strowman express toward backlash
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Let’s crack open this Nutshell and get right to it.

Best Match of the night:

Well, match-wise it wasn’t stellar…but it filled the main event slot and entertained.

That, of course, was Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley.

braun strowman express
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Next week it will be Lashley and Drew McIntyre, finishing off the hype ahead of Backlash. But…the Strowman Express will continue steaming toward Backlash all the same

Worst match of the night:

Maybe not worst…how about one that disappointed me the most.

That would be the RAW Women’s Tag Team Championship bout.

I honestly thought, with all the tension between Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, we might get a title change.

We did not. In fact, we also saw no tension, no issues between the champs at all really.

The match was short, it wasn’t that fun. RAW in particular, and WWE in general, needs to get some legit teams to challenge.

Or…sad to say, retire the belts.  Because, it’s disappointing to see WWE have like, no legit challengers, or even legit teams.

At this point, maybe I have to (pains me to say) star rooting for Tamina and Natalya to dethrone the champs.

Star of the Night

Honestly…I mean, the men of the RAW-specific Backlash main event dominated the show.

However…didn’t really feel like any one (of them, or anyone else) was a star above all others.

Alexa Bliss did give perhaps her creepiest promo yet…can we please just get her back in the ring?

raw in a nutshell
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Jobber of the Night:

Drew Gulak. I mean, my Philly guy took a rose to the butt.

If that doesn’t win jobber of the night, what will?

Spot of the night:

I am just leaving this here…

strowman express toward backlash
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Upset of the Night:

Lucha House Party over the soon to be broken up former Hurt Business.

Yes, after losing to LHP, Cedric Alexander declared that he and Shelton were no longer a team.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

We heard the rumors. For months, we heard the rumors.

Most of us were probably hoping they were not true.

Turns out…they were.

Eva Marie is back in WWE. Her return vignette showed up tonight.

Botch of the night:

Something was off in the exchange between Drew Gulak and Angel Garza before their match.

I don’t know if they just flubbed the lines, or they were badly written and delivered?

Maybe neither could believe that Garza was actually going to talk about shoving a rose up someone’s rear.

LOL Moment of the night:

I will go with Riddle talking with the Viking Raiders.

“Did you catch the NFL Draft? Does one of you root for the Vikings and the other the Raiders?”

“….Um…I’m a Browns fan”

I almost feel as though pairing Riddle with Orton will lead to The Viper bringing out a more serious Riddle…eventually.

raw in a nutshell
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Noteworthy Moment:

Mansoor has now signed with RAW. Not sure why, not sure what motivated that move.

However, you know it’s likely not a completely pointless one, if they took the time to show him signing the obligatory RAW contract with Adam Pearce.

Honestly, briefly wondered if WWE would put the title on him tonight, having him interact with Sheamus.


raw in a nutshell
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Also, as you could have seen coming, Charlotte was added to the RAW Women’s Championship match for Backlash.

strowman express toward backlash
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Overall lowlights:

I discussed some of this in the botch, but the pre-match exchange between Drew Gulak and Angel Garza was…awkward. Also, surprisingly PG-13.

But then, after the match, having Garza actually toss the rose down Gulak’s trunks and then presumably kick said rose up Gulak’s rear?

I mean, I get it. Now Garza is a man of his word.

But, I think that was a bit too much.

I grew up on guys like Ted DiBiase shoving dollar bills in jobbers mouths. That was not so bad, compared to shoving or kicking foliage up a body cavity.

Not a fan of adding Charlotte…for one main reason.

I think WWE could have done well to keep Ripley and Flair close, but not in a match opposing one another, until say…a big SummerSlam tilt. Make their return match a bigger deal.

Overall highlights:

We can take the RAW Tag Team Champions off the milk cartons…they finally returned. Yay, this week’s RAW In A Nutshell is complete!

raw in a nutshell
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It did not go well, but I like what appears to be a renewed push for Humberto Carillo.

If you did not think the WWE Championship triple threat was to be a big deal, tonight’s booking was very centered around the three competitors. Good or bad, at least they are building it up.

After the final bell:

Well, this was an interesting RAW In A Nutshell. It had some edgier stuff, again.

It feels lately like WWE is delicately dipping a toe back in the PG-13 or better content.

Not saying a rose down the trunks, or calling someone an a$$ is a gateway thing…but those instances have been rare the past number of years.

Also not saying if I like it or not. From certain Superstars, in certain programs, the stronger language made absolute sense…or at least, it fit.

Like, for Steve Austin, in almost any of his feuds? Salty language was his thing.

Coming from Angel Garza? Interesting, but almost like someone is trying too hard.

Still, if such material indicates a willingness from WWE to push things to be a little edgier? I think I am all for it.

braun strowman express
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In the end, the Strowman Express steams toward Backlash, with another chance at his opponents next week, in another RAW in a Nutshell!

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