New Nexus Project WWE
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Former faction member Darren Young has revealed that the WWE is working on a new Nexus project. The former Nexus member revealed this on social media.

New Nexus Project Revealed

New Nexus project WWE

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Fred Rosser a.k.a. Darren Young took to social media this week about being interviewed by the WWE for a new Nexus project.

Young revealed he wore his New Japan jacket during the interview. In fact, he also took the time to praise  NJPW.

“Today, I proudly wore my New Japan track jacket during the filming of @WWE’s Network Docs: Untold Nexus because I wanted to represent the best hour of pure professional wrestling on the planet #NJPWStrong @njpwworld [100 emoji] @njpw1972 @njpwglobal @NJPWofAmerica #blockthehate #wwenexus.” 

Nexus only ran from 2010 to 2011. However, the faction had some of the most famous WWE superstars.

Some of the former members of Nexus include Wade Barrett, Daniel Bryan, and Heath Slater. Later on, more famous wrestlers joined in the form of CM Punk and John Cena.

There have been many rumors about WWE bringing back Nexus over the years.  

Many former Nexus members are also working for other promotions now. Some have even chosen Hollywood over pro wrestling.

As you know already, Darren Young is currently in NJPW. Heath Slater was released last year among countless other wrestlers and is currently working the indies.

Nexus Untold


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The latest Nexus project is supposedly a documentary about the successful faction. It is expected that the documentary will be released on the Network.

The documentary may lure back some fans to the WWE Network since many fans cut their subscription short.

Filming the documentary may be harder than first thought though. While many members were extremely successful, only two members remain in the WWE.

Wade Barrett and David Otunga are still employed by the WWE. Daniel Bryan also works for WWE, but he only was a part of Nexus in the very beginning.

Heath Slater on the other hand is currently a member of the Impact Wrestling roster. Justin Gabriel finds himself in Ring of Honor.

While a documentary is possible with the permission of other promotions, a proper reunion seems very unlikely. 

Many of the former Nexus members are quite outspoken as well. Needless to say, the company probably would not give them a main roster platform at this point in time.

Nexus’ first claim to fame was their feud with John Cena. The faction made a massive impact and went on to make the company a huge amount of money.

In 2011, New Nexus arrived with CM Punk at the helm. However, the faction would eventually disband in July that same year.

Interestingly enough, Nexus has actually reunited in the indies. They actually reunited for the Chikara King of Trios Tournament.

Instead of just “Nexus,” Darren Young, Justin Gabriel and Michael Tarver reunited under the name “The Nexus Alliance.” Darren also revealed the faction was originally booked to return for WrestleMania 36, but didn’t go ahead.

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