Miz' Father George pulls prank on his famous son
Source: Screenshot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUyyDqUL6gA&ab_channel=WWEWWEVerified

Miz’ father George recently pulled a prank on his famous son. It seems that George is very much enjoying his retirement.

Miz’ Father George Pulls Prank During Miz and Mrs

Miz' Father George plays prank on his son

Source: Screenshot, YouTube

The Miz’ father George is retired and unfortunately for Miz, that means his dad has some extra time on his hands.

During a recent episode of Miz and Mrs, George pulled a prank on his son during some father-son fishing time!

While Miz tried to pull the anchor to move the boat, his father kicked him into the water. Luckily, Miz seemed to take it in his stride.

“My dad has retired, and now he’s over the house a little bit more, which means, if you’ve seen my dad on previous episodes, he’s a lot to handle…But then we have parents lurking over us telling us how to parent, and nobody wants to be told how to parent their kids. They want to do it on their own. Other issues that we’re dealing with is we look at our family, Maryse, myself, Monroe and Madison, and we just feel complete. We have to think about, ‘OK, if we are complete, what do we do?”

Fun In The Mizanin Household


Source: Screenshot, YouTube

Maryse also shared something about her family during a recent Miz and Mrs episode. According to her, the Mizanin family is crazy about fun.

“There’s always something going on here, whether it’s with us, the kids, our jobs, or the parents. Every week is a new week. It’s just really our lives and really just what we go through what everyone else goes through. We don’t have a problem making fun of each other, which is pretty interesting for a lot of people that know us in WWE because we’re villains. We’re known to be really great villains. It’s interesting for a lot of people to see us now back at our house with our kids and see the interactions we have with our family because we’re definitely actors.” 

Fortunately, there will be many interesting fun moments for us on the show in the coming weeks. Miz and Mrs. airs on Monday at 11 pm ET on the USA network.

Miz and Mrs is not the only show the Mizanin family is looking at this year though. In fact, Maryse has her eyes set on Below Deck Mediterranean. 

Both Miz and Maryse talked about an upcoming appearance. According to the Miz:

 “Of course, I mean if they wanna give us a yacht for us to be on for a couple of days, we’ll be the jerks and the fun people. We’ll be those fun people. If they wanna take us to the Greek islands, sure!”

Maryse is also on board, if you forgive the pun.

“I would love it! And I always think it’s funny when they complain about the food because it looks so amazing no matter what comes up as just like, oh my God, I’ll eat that! Everyone complaining. I don’t understand.”

It would certainly be interesting to see these two on the show!