Colin Kaepernick May Be Replacing Russell Wilson As Seahawks Quarterback

Colin Kaepernick could replace Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson according to reports, but Pete Carroll did pass on him before.

New reports are coming in stating that Colin Kaepernick may be replacing Russell Wilson as the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson is rumored to no longer be happy with the team.

Wilson Unhappy With Seahawks

NBC Sports reported that Wilson has been publicly expressing his frustrations with the team as of late.

He is saying that he is getting hit too much and that the organization does not involve him in the decision making enough.

While he has not yet demanded he be traded, his agent has released a list of four teams that Wilson would consider, if he were to leave the Seahawks.

One of the teams on the list was the Chicago Bears, which ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reported is already planning to “take their shot” with him.

Kaepernick May Replace Wilson

As for who will replace Wilson on the Seahawks, NBC Sports’ Mike Florio believes that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick may have a shot with the team.

Florio said: “There’s something else the Seahawks could do, if they trade Wilson. They could finally give Colin Kaepernick (who is only one year older than Wilson) a full and fair workout, undeterred by the possibility that Kaepernick would divide the locker room on the question of whether he or Wilson should play. (In 2017, given the lingering presence of veterans who resented Wilson, that was a very real possibility.)”

Kaepernick made headlines in the 2016 season when he began taking a knee during the national anthem.

Though he said this was meant to be a protest against racial inequality in the U.S., many saw it as a clear move of disrespect towards the American flag and those who fought for it.

He’s still getting flak for his actions.

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Kaepernick Has Met With Seahawks In The Past

Kaepernick left the 49ers after the 2016 season to become a free agent. He has yet to be signed.

In 2017, he only met with one team, and that was the Seahawks. While the team decided not to sign him, Coach Pete Carroll described Kaepernick as an NFL starting-caliber player.

“He’s a starter in this league,” he said. “We have a starter, but he is a starter in this league, and I can’t imagine somebody won’t give him a chance to play.”

Last year, Carroll publicly expressed regret over not signing Kaepernick.

“I regret that that didn’t happen in some fashion,’’ Carroll said of not signing him. “I wish we would have contributed to it because he deserved to play…”

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Seahawks Should Think Twice Before Signing Kaepernick

Once upon a time, Dallas was considering signing Kaepernick, but the fans were not thrilled. The jury is still out on how the Seahawks’ fans feel about him.

Before signing Kaepernick, the Seahawks should remember that he is not a team player at all.

He is more focused on gaining fame and fortune for himself than he is on playing football.

If he’s signed, Kaepernick will undoubtedly be a massive distraction for the entire Seahawks team, which is why naming him as Wilson’s replacement would be a huge mistake.

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