Chris Jericho Could Miss Double Or Nothing Due To Injury

Chris Jericho could end up missing Double or Nothing due to an injury he recently suffered. Could this impact the AEW numbers?

Rumors are circulating that Chris Jericho could miss AEW Double or Nothing due to injury. It is believed he suffered the injury during the Blood & Guts match.

Blood & Gutch Match Injury

Chris Jericho could miss AEW Double or Nothing due to injury
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This past week, reports came through that Jericho had suffered an injury.

According to reports, Jericho suffered a dislocated elbow. He allegedly got the injury by falling off the cage during the Blood & Guts match.

Many fans did question the legitimacy of the injury. After all, Jericho’s fall was heavily criticized for looking fake.

In spite of that, fans must remember he took a fall from a tremendous height. However, this does not mean the injury could be a work.

According to Meltzer, Jericho could be out with his injury for up to six weeks. With Double or Nothing coming up, chances are he won’t be there.

Aside from Meltzer, there is no official confirmation on the injury. So, AEW and Jericho have been quite silent.

Since the reports came out, Jericho appeared with a bandaged arm on Dynamite. But once again, this could be a smart plant.

But what happens if Chris Jericho is legitimately injured? Could it have an impact on viewership numbers for the event?

What If Jericho Is Legitimately Injured?

Chris Jericho
Source: Screenshot, YouTube AllEliteWrestlingVerified

There is always a chance that Chris Jericho is legitimately injured.

The timing could not have been worse. After all, The Inner Circle and Pinnacle are still embroiled in a feud.

Double or Nothing is one of the biggest AEW events of the year. It is therefore difficult to imagine that he won’t be there.

Despite the injury, AEW continues to tease a Stadium Stampede match. Given the success of the first, we are sure it is much anticipated one!

A Stadium Stampede without Jericho is almost unimaginable. So it is possible they incorporate him with the injury?

Jericho could add some comedic value to the match. He does not necessarily have to wrestle during the Stampede. 

If Jericho is genuinely injured, AEW can surely work him in somehow. But there is another theory going around.

It is likely that Chris’ injury is fake. After all, the fake injury is a popular angle in pro wrestling today. 

If Jericho turns up, the fake injury angle is likely. 

Of course, fans are also excited about the Stadium Stampede angle. At the moment, it seems this will happen.

Remember last year’s Stampede? In fact, this match was my personal match of the year.

I look forward to another Stampede for this reason. Once again, two factions will battle it out in a unique way.

If the Stampede happens, I hope Aubrey will be the referee again, too. After all, the interaction between Jericho and Aubrey brought some of the best moments.

Do you think Chris Jericho’s injury is real? And would you love to see another Stadium Stampede this year?

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