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Bret Hart is no fan of Eric Bischoff, calling him a ‘brainless idiot’ among other things. Also, NXT wrestler LA Knight was hated in the company during his first run.

Bret Hart: Eric Bischoff Is A ‘Brainless Idiot’

Despite being in the same business, some wrestlers cannot simply get along. We have seen relationships shattered and put back together, only for the problems to return.

During a Cameo video, Bret Hart was asked, “what went wrong in WCW?” Well, Hart had no issue pointing the blame on then WCW President Eric Bischoff.

“I wish I had some proper answers for you about what went wrong in WCW,” said Hart. “All I can say is that they were just really stupid.” 

“Eric Bischoff was a brainless idiot and they didn’t know what to do with Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. They screwed up every single thing I ever did there and I have very few good memories.”

When Hart’s WWE contract was ending, Bischoff offered him a major deal to jump. Vince McMahon could not match it and Hart would join WCW.

Although, it was not a smooth transition as Hart refused to drop the title in Canada. Instead, the Montreal Screwjob occurred.

Still, Hart never clicked in WCW because Bischoff was losing control of the talent. Then, Goldberg kicked the WWE Hall of Famer in the head during a match and the concussion that followed ended his career.

To this day, Hart is remains upset for how careless Goldberg was in the ring. Also, he had heat with Ric Flair although they are now on better terms.

Wrestler Was Hated In NXT

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LA Knight is currently in the second stint with NXT. For many, that might come as a surprise.

He signed with WWE in 2013 and by the summer of 2014 left. LA Knight was released, but blamed his departure on then head coach Bill Demott; who was known for bullying.

While speaking to Busted Open Radio, LA Knight stated his first run was met with disdain from others.

When I got to NXT the first time here, I was hated for like the first three months,” said LA Knight. “And, it’s usually like a three month period before everybody kind of figures out like, ‘oh wait, this guy’s actually okay.’” 

Between 2015 and 2019, he joined Impact Wrestling as Eli Drake. He found success winning King of the Mountin, the Tag Team titles with Scott Steiner and even World Champion. 

Same thing in IMPACT when I first got there,” said LA Knight. “There was big time heat in the locker room and then there was one magical night.” 

“There might have been some tequila and wine that helped me come out of my shell! Suddenly there’s a big baby face turn and we were good to go.”

Then, he got into trouble with Impact Wrestling and departed in April 2019. He criticized inter-gender wrestling, made negative comments about the booking and refused to lose to Tessa Blanchard.

He was fired via email and that resulted in a breach of contract issue. After praising the company, they granted his release and he rejoined WWE as part of NXT this year. 

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