Bret Hart Rips Goldberg

Bret Hart ripped into Bill Goldberg for being a dangerous wrestler inside the ring. Also, could Alberto Del Rio be returning to the WWE in the near future?

Bret Hart Rips Into Goldberg

Bret Hart

The relationship between Bret Hart and Bill Goldberg was always rocky, and that continued through their runs in WCW together.

Hart, who suffered a career-ending injury at the hands of Goldberg, called the former NFL player “one of the most unprofessional wrestlers there ever was in the business.”

“I always knew what I was doing and I would hurt myself before I ever hurt another wrestler,” Hart said during an episode of the podcast Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin. “I just wish some of the wrestlers I worked with, especially at the end like Goldberg. Goldberg to me was one of the most unprofessional wrestlers there ever was in the business. For Bill Goldberg to be in the Hall of Fame, he hurt everybody he worked with, so he might as well wrestle a real gorilla.”

Back at Starrcade in 1999, Goldberg challenged Hart for the WCW world heavyweight title. They had even teamed together before the event and won the WCW tag team titles.

During the bout, Goldberg landed a mule kick on Hart that led to a concussion. He continued through that match, and the subsequent rematch a night later, before retiring from professional wrestling later that year.

“He was the most dangerous guy to work with. He hurt everybody he worked with,” Hart said. “I remember Curt Hennig being in pain all the time from the matches they had, and even when I worked with Bill. I always think, the last words I said to Bill before we went out and had that match where he injured, ended my career, I said, ‘Bill, whatever you do out there, don’t hurt me. Do whatever you want, we can do anything, just do not go nuts.'”

Hart also did not have kind words about Hulk Hogan.

Alberto Del Rio – WWE Talks

Alberto Del Rio

Could Alberto Del Rio be returning to the WWE? The former champion confirmed during an appearance on Nos Cayo La Noche in Mexico that he was in talks with the promotion.

“We have been in communication,” Del Rio said (thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the quotes). “We have rebuilt the bridge. On their part, they were wrong on some decisions and I also did some things wrong on my part. I am hoping that we can reach an agreement sometime this year or by the middle of this year I’ll be back there.”

However, others are denying that such discussions are ongoing between Del Rio and the WWE.

“I’m told (Triple H) absolutely didn’t reach out to Del Rio for what that’s worth,” Alex McCarthy posted on Twitter. “Nor did anyone.”

Del Rio has not competed for the WWE since 2016. After leaving, Del Rio and Paige had many public incidents.  He competed in a mixed martial arts match with Tito Ortiz, losing via submission.