Jon Moxley Roman Reigns

Jon Moxley is enjoying a nice run on AEW right now; however, is there potential for a WWE comeback in the future? Also, Roman Reigns WrestleMania 37 opponent has been narrowed down.

Jon Moxley On A WWE Return

Jon Moxley enjoyed a stellar wrestling career with WWE during his run. Not only was he a part of the most popular faction of the modern era as a member of the Shield,  but he also had an impressive singles career, winning the Mr. Money in the Bank briefcase in 2016, as well as a nice WWE Championship reign, and became a triple crown champion and grand slam champion during his tenure. 

Moxley recently spoke with Bleacher Report AMA, and the topic of working with WWE at some point did arise. According to Moxley, he’d “never say never”, as he enjoyed his working relationship with the sports entertainment company. He and found it “mutually beneficial” and continued,

“You gotta say never say never, because you don’t want to run back what you said years later because you don’t know what’ll happen. Just the creation of AEW was so vital to the wrestling industry.”

“And that’s part of the reason why I’m so proud to be a part of it. I wouldn’t rule out ever doing business with them again, we had a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time.”

With that said, he does have concerns around “being on the same page”, as one of the reasons he left the company was due to creative issues. 

“If they called I would listen, but I highly doubt we would ever be on the same page. I’d be open to an idea. I don’t not like money and I got a kid on the way and gotta put it through college. I would take a phone call, but I highly doubt anything would materialize.”

Moxley’s Wife

Speaking of working with the WWE again, Moxley’s very pregnant wife (over 20 weeks now and counting), Renee Paquette will be working with her former employer to some capacity at the end of January. While technically she’s appearing on FOX, she will be chatting about the 2021 Royal Rumble, revamping a special episode of WWE’s Backstage with Booker T and Paige.

As WWE’s Universal Champion, Roman Reigns’ WM 37 is sure to be a high-profile one for the event. The bigger question is, who will he face?

Roman Reigns – WM 37 Challengers

As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (WON), there is currently a short-list of two WWE superstars when it comes to Roman Reigns’ WrestleMania 37 bout. One of them happens to be the leader of the Yes! Movement, Daniel Bryan; however, the other one has not been mentioned as of yet. 

One thing for sure, while Shinsuke Nakamura has been getting a babyface push on the Blue brand lately, the WON report indicates he is not the other candidate being placed forward to face the Tribal Chief at the flagship event.

The good news is that the WWE has some time to iron out the WrestleMania card before April. Come WrestleMania, there is no telling who be the Head of the Table.