Willie Robertson Tells NFL Players Kneeling During Anthem Is ‘Un-American’

Willie Robertson spoke with three NFL players about how he thinks kneeling for the National Anthem is disrespectful and un-American.

Willie Robertson believes it is “un-American” to kneel during the National Anthem. 

The “Duck Dynasty” star isn’t afraid to voice his opinion and he did so with current and former NFL players Arian Foster, Michael Thomas, and Nate Boyer. The trio of athletes appeared on Willie and his wife Korie’s Facebook Watch series “At Home With the Robertsons.”

Robertson’s Biracial Son

The couple have a biracial son so it’s important to them that they make sure they understand the purpose of these protests.

Colin Kaepernick launched them in 2016 when he began kneeling when the song was played before games. Kneeling protests have become a mainstay in professional sports since then. 

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The NFL players mentioned they felt a responsibility to use their platform to advocate for the fight against systemic racism. Korie felt impacted by the points they made. 

“The guys made the point that this is not hating America,” Korie said. “This is a specific protest about police brutality and injustice against Black people. Once that came out and that message was kind of understood, people were more accepting of it, where at first it just felt like a total, just like, rejection of America and the values that we hold.”

She admitted that her stance on kneeling during the anthem has softened over time.

But, it hasn’t been the same for her husband. He still strongly believes it is not patriotic. 

“Personally, I don’t have a problem if someone wants to wear a logo or something,” Willie Robertson said. “It’s when they got to the flag, of choosing that exact time to make your protest, I just felt like the flag should really bring us together… yeah, that just feels a little un-American.”

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Politics And Sports Don’t Mix

Willie Robertson also made an important point. People don’t want politics and social justice causes mixed in with their football.

Others obviously feel the same since the NFL has been hemorrhaging viewers since the protests began. 

“I understand, though, wanting to change for sure,” he continued. “It’s just like, is that the best time? You know? The flag and even, for me, football. When I watch football, I don’t want to be thinking about who the president is and what the politics are. I just want to watch either my favorite team or two teams go after it.”

You can watch Willie Robertson defend standing for the National Anthem in the “Keeping Up With The Robertsons” video below.

Is taking a knee during the national anthem a powerful protest or is it disrespectful to the military? NFL players Arian Foster, Michael Thomas and Nate Boyer weigh in.

Posted by Willie Robertson on Friday, April 23, 2021

Drive-By Shooting

Willie Robertson is also in the news for another reason. Last year, his West Monroe, LA, estate was the scene of a drive-by shooting.

Now, he and his family are being sued for defamation by the prime suspect. 

“Nobody was outside at the time, but everybody had been out about five minutes before,” Willie Robertson said. “I had just gone to the store when it happened.”

BACKSTORY: Willie Robertson’s House Targeted In Drive-By Shooting – Arrest Made

Daniel King Jr. is suspected of firing eight to 10 bullets into the Robertson’s property last spring.  He’s being charged with felony illegal use of a dangerous weapon.

King says the family made claims about him that diminished his reputation and he wants a judge to weigh in. He says the claims made to the police are “calculated, false and ultimately defamatory.”

He is seeking compensation. You apparently can sue for anything these days!

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